28 Day Vogel Meditation DNA Activation and Repair Process Part I
28 Day Vogel Meditation DNA Activation and Repair Process Part II
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Radio Talk Show Links

this link takes you to the "little book of abundance" so you too can be in full prosperity. Feb. 27,2012

Positive Perspectives Radio Talk show 11.17.13 with Host Melinda Carver


Radio Talk Show Postive Persepctives 11.17.13 Link(see above link) 



Radio Talk Show Meditation Getting :

The Love You Want and Deserve


For this meditation we will use Rose Quartz, Jade and Copper... 

Copper is placed at your feet, jade and rose quartz in either hand or over the hip bones if lying down...

Bring yourself into a quiet state or primus state of resonance with thes there stones...this is done by quieting down your heart and breathing into the stones allowing your body to be at the same frequency as the stones...breath into this state with a calm knowingness....trusting...this may take about three minutes....

Once in quiet and in calm and in resonance with the stones from your heart...a calm sense of inner knowing... breath in the energies of the stones in a circular motion...up through one side of the chakras ..up the frontof the body , exhaling out the back side you are breathing the stone energies through the chakras front and back...stay in this state for at least three minutes or longer if you desire....when done...bring yourslef back to the physical..wiggle your hands and toes...thank the stones ... and know all is well....

To continue this experience and growth...journal your experiences this for at least 8 days and see how you begin to peel away the layers, the veils that are keeping us from love, as you strengthen into love...and so much more... 

As you strengthen into love you strengthen your courage to accept abundance of all things great and grand that serve your highest and greatest good for self and others...!!! Becoming the Human Crystal for the Now Age.


 (as mentioned on, November 21,2011 with Tammi Rager, if you don't have the stones at your disposal, use your intention through asking Mother Earth to energetically provide you with these three stones) 



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May you go forth in Love and Light…always, All Ways.

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