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Black Shiva Lingam

Most of us know Shiva Lingams by their brown color and reddish markings. We welcome you to the rare, revered and sacred Black Shivas. These exquisite beauties were once reserved for the religious of The Hindu Temples. Because they are so revered in their homeland, India, it has not been until very recently their export has been allowed.
Gems by Celestial DancerTM has been blessed with the ability to acquire Black Shivas in many sizes. They are available in sizes ranging from small thumb nails to large 16 inches. The thumbnails start at two dollars to ten dollars and the palm size or larger range in price from twenty to several hundred dollars. (More detail available upon request and Maria will be glad to work with you to select the one for you.) They are truly black throughout as we have one you can view at our booth that has been sliced and geologically tested.
Shiva Lingams are hand harvested and hand polished from the Narmada River, a tributary of the Ganges River, in the Mandhatta Mountain region of Ganga, India. They may be short in time available as it has been known that the Indian Government is damming this area for the Hydro-Electric Plant.  Mineralogically, Shiva Lingams are crypto crystalline quartz or chalcedony in an iron oxide and goethite matrix.
The Shiva Lingam is the stone that catapulted our business into existence.  For this and many other reasons known to use, we are quite fond of its properties at Gems by Celestial DancerTM
The Black Shiva Lingam is the stone for October, the month of harvest. Harvest one's own creations...just remember to create so you can harvest. Create in the spirit of the Divine Oneness. Thoughts are things. Dreams are the stuff that makes reality. Dream Big! Dream Often! Dreams do come true!  Ask Dorothy.  Enjoy your dreams...Enjoy your harvest!
Call to order (pre-pay) today.

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May you go forth in Love and Light…always, All Ways.

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