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Client Comments

Read below to see what our clients have to say about our services and products...

"I am still tingling from the crystal session with you. It has had such an impact on my spiritual connection. I worked at Psychic Science on Thursday doing messages and again yesterday at church and it was some of the best work I have done to this point and I know it is all because of the energy you re-directed and the places I went to on your table. I now know where to come to when I am feel like I am slipping. Thank you again. You are so gifted and talented with your work and I am so honored to have experienced it."  KK Monday August 12, 2013
    On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 
Dear Maria Celeste:

 Thank you so very much for the Chakra chart.  My daughter, Shannon and I truly enjoyed your talk about the stones used in balancing the Chakras.  You are a special lady. Blessings, love and light in your life always, because you are a blessing, love and light to others.

Wed, Feb 27, 2013 

Thank you for my session yesterday.  It was really wonderful.  I loved
every minute of it and appreciate you so very much.

I took a bath last night with my sacred geometry crystals.  And I have
my iron piece soaking in blue solar water which I made with my Ho
oponopono bottles.  I used water made in a bottle which reads "Optimum
Vitality" for the outside clear glass bowl and "Balance" for the bowl
holding the iron directly.

I will drink it this evening after the 24 hour period.  So wonderful to have you in my life.  Thank you for all you do.  Feeling my Essene Brotherhood yesterday was so moving, peaceful and lovely.  I will treasure that mystical hour and look forward to more.  More of this Please and Thank YOU  :)
Friday, 24 August,2012  
Maria You have no idea how much it meant to talk with you. You give me a calming feeling like my mom. I just appreciate it so much and I needed it so much.
You are truly a gift from god!
Love ya and I can't wait to see you again hopefully in October..... Mandy
 Mon, 6 August 2012 
 Maria; I just wanted to let you know that I received the Vogel crystal on Saturday. I appreciate your speediness and convenience of this order. Most of all, I wanted to let you know that it is EXACTLY what I envisioned! It is perfect, and I appreciate the time you took with me to pick out the perfect crystal. Thanks for all that you do and your positive energy.  TA.
So good to hear from you.  I think of you each time I chose the black shiva for grounding a client ( I keep it positioned under the chair they will sit in when getting off the table...resting their feet on it while we talk:))  Your collection of the wonderful healers you chose for your booth speaks volumes of your essence.  Wishing a beautiful time in Cincy and Akron for all the patrons! In light and love, Jane: Intuitive Energy Channeler Sacred Journeys Massage & Wellness Center

I hope I have the correct person.  I spoke with a pleasant, thin, dark haired woman at your display at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds Gift of Light Expo on Saturday. I had shingles and wanted something for relief.  I want to thank you for the time you spent with me and for the guidance you provided.  You were most kind and helpful. I have my stones in my pockets and others placed around my home and in my car.  Thank you also for asking for my name so you could pray for me. I hope your visit to Ohio was pleasant and I that you will be back in the Cleveland area again.  I would like to be added to your e-list contacts so I will know when you come back this way. Again, thank you for the special help.  I truly appreciate it. Sincerely, Jean 4/2012
I believe that you have a connection to my personal healer Zivy.  She is the lady who told me about your website and led me to you.  You are very special and have touched my soul.   Peace. Eva

Went to the Gift of Life Expo April 10, 2011, in Cuyohoga City Fairgrounds for my birthday.  Spent a lot of time at your booth...had a wonderful time..thank you.  Sandy-OH

I would just like to be added to your e-list for your periodic specials.  Enjoy talking with you each time you are in the area. Thank you...Jackie
                        Thanks for sharing your newsletter... the inspiration was received in perfect timing. Carryn
Maria, I love my rose qartz crystals;  have made a triangle with them in my bedoom and am sleeping much better.  Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to meet you and yours and to purchase stone that will/are making a difference in my life.  Much love and manny blessings to you. Maxx 
I don't know if you remember us but we stopped by your booth at the Sound workshop in Louisville, KY, in September and bought the sandstone sculpture that had split in half.  We are really enjoying them and the spiritual grace they are adding to our home.  It is really apparent that they are masculine and feminine halves of one entity and it seems that they are in a constant dialogue about strength and beauty and grace. They have become the subject of some of my photographic work and I wanted to share a few of those photos with you and let you know they are doing fine.  Mike and Jane J. (12/10)

To see the sandstone photo from Mike & Jane, click on the gallery tab at left .
Healing classes, and just to say Thank You. My friend and I attended the Gembouree in Cuyahoga Falls Sunday and met you and your husband. We are the ones who dropped the 9 magnetic hemotite balls on the floor. Of course we were embarrased, but because of your loving spirit you made our day. I even said to myself you had to be an empath, or clairvooyant. Low and behold, I get home to open my bag of treasures and your card was in there. Our boys were excited about this gem show, they slept with their stones. They already seem to know which stones do what (Especially Noah whom you lovingly gave the 9th ball to). We will always remember you. Thank you for spreading your light and love to our boys. Maria, you are an inspiration. Love Renee
Wednesday Sept 19,2012
thank you again for the reading you did for me at Goddess Elite…I believe it was in July.  I have used some of the information from the day of my reading.  I still have other parts to work on.  I will do that.  I continue to read and grow.  Your reading gave me information and encouragement that has added special joy to my life. By the way...when you did a reading for me a few months ago, you gave me a message from my Mom and a couple of affirmations. One of the affirmations is still in my book...I am not quite ready to use it although it says exactly what I want. The other is a natural part of my meditations. And I keep a reminder of Mom's message on a ledge in my kitchen where I see it every day.

You have certainly been a help to me and I thank you. Still lots to do and much growing ahead but I am on my way.

Friday September 14,2012 

Thank you very much, Maria, for a beautiful class and for the beautiful vogel.  It was nice to see your beautiful Center and nice to see you again.  We are glad we made the trip over to Indiana!
Have a nice day! 
With much love, P. 

May you go forth in Love and Light…always, All Ways.

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