As a Certified Psychic-Medium, Crystal Resonance Therapist™, Reiki Master/Teacher and more, Maria Celeste is honored and privileged to serve you and The Spirit World, connecting you with your loved ones in Spirit as well as connecting you to your higher self, assisting your personal and planetary transformation whether it be through any of her readings or her crystal energy sessions. She creates a loving, gentle and caring space to allow you to transform yourself into perfect health, wealth and being physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. These sessions are always a fun and exploratory experiment as nothing is ever guaranteed. These sessions are meant to help you metaphysically alter your energy to serve your highest and greatest good as you shift more into your true essence allowing yourself to manifest total well-being on all your levels and planes of existence. These sessions are designed to help you manifest your deepest desires of your heart and soul in your reality. Intuitive, mediumship and crystal reading sessions with Maria will leave you feeling empowered and encouraged to reach new heights – new dimensions. Maria will uplift your spirit, renewing your heart and faith in yourself and those whom you choose to journey with. She looks so forward to assisting you on this wonderful journey called Life. Namaste with love and light.

Intuitive Spiritual Services

Through intuition and spiritual guidance, Maria will provide you with enlightenment of your journey through life and your relationships along your path. Let her clairvoyance provide you with clarity to help your dreams manifest into your reality. She will provide gentle awareness which will empower you and give you freedom to choose your soul’s purpose and mission.

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Connecting to the world of spirit, Maria Celeste will bring about a connection with those whom you may know in Spirit. There is no guarantee that those with whom you wish to communicate will come through. However, those whom have insight for you will come through. Those whom have insight for you will come through. It is always an experiment and a delight to connect with those in spirit to see what insight and healing they have in store for you and for them. There may be reverent information to your current life that spirit wants to share. Maria will convey this information to you as messages from Heaven.

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These readings are a combination of both intuitive and mediumship readings.

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These readings are an excellent way to explore your path of direction and insight into your next 12 months. The layout is divided into 4 quarters, providing information about the gifts and lessons during each of theses time frames. The crystal energy that is best suited to aid and assist you during these periods for growth and renewal will be revealed. This layout explores your current situation on all life’s fronts: relationships, career, housing and more, providing insight into how to use your gifts to navigate through life’s lessons and evolutionary experiences with knowledge, ease and grace. There will be time at the end to delve deeper into areas or to answer the unanswered. This layout is always fun to do at the beginning of each calendar year. This work is based on Naisha Ashian’s crystal ally card decks.

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Based on the science of the physical laws of energy, Primus Activation Energy is a scientifically-rooted and relaxing heart-balancing technique. It is a vibrational healing modality designed to relax, align, center, and attune the body on all levels to one’s Heart Center.

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Reiki Services

A form of alternative healing based on the works of Mikao Usui of Japan. Reiki uses transformative healing “Universal Energy” emanated through Maria’s palms to the clients facilitating emotional and physical healing. Reiki brings balance to the body, mind, and spirit. Promotion of relaxation and healing, symptom management, and an overall sense of well-being are just some of the benefits of a Reiki session. Reiki workshops and attunements are available upon request.

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Maria is available for spiritual and intuitive distance, absent, and contact healing and trance healing sessions upon request. Contact her directly.



Maria’s extensive crystal training includes a certification in Crystal Resonance Therapy ™ (CRT) and a Masters Degree in Crystology levels 1 and 2. She has studied the principals, integrity and intelligence of The Universal Life Source. Maria’s CRT certifications come with over 700 hours in practical application alone, and are through the Crystalis Institute of the internationally known and acclaimed author, healer, and instructor Naisha Ashian of Sedona, Arizona. Crystal Resonance Therapy ™ helps remove emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages by utilizing the vibrational energies of crystals. This assists one in attuning to wholeness and happiness.

Maria Celeste creates a loving and caring environment with her uniquely personalized just-for-you crystal arrays to help you open up to receive the love and healing that she and the crystals and the higher spirit realms have available for you. The energies that flow will help remove that which no longer serves you so that you leave the session with a higher sense of awareness of self, and a deeper sense of well-being and balance. Each session is unique, moving energy to reveal deeper layers and finer attunement to ones highest and greatest good; like peeling an onion. These sessions may be done in person or distance by a photograph both equally effective.

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*Note: All energy healing sessions are done on a BIOMAT* – a long infrared Amethyst and Tourmaline mat enhancing and magnifying the energetic vibrational energies.

The cost of Maria’s sessions are $120 for 30 minutes and $200 for one hour. All energetic healing sessions last approximately an hour

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