See what clients have to say about Maria’s different services and products. View her Classes & Events here.
Thank you, Namaste.


See what clients have to say about Maria’s different services and products. View her Classes & Events here.
Thank you, Namaste

“I wanted to thank you for last night’s healing. Shortly after your class ended, my neck had a very small pop, and my headache was gone. I had given up taking any kind of pain meds because they weren’t working. After three days, I am very glad to have it over.
You are a powerful healer!
Thank you!”
– LC – November 2021

“Maria, I just wanted to thank you again for being so generous with your time, talent and teaching.” – AM – November 2021

“Great customer interaction – AN – July 2021

“Each stone I bought came with a written explanation of their benefits. Both her and her husband are very knowledgeable about all the stones they sell. Gave my Mom plenty of time to look around.” – GB – June 2021

“Friendly, knowledgeable, and all around good people. – AR – May 2021

“I want to thank you with all of my heart for the peace that you have given my sister. You have been a true blessing for the both of us.❤” – KA 6.7.21

“WOW! Two weeks into a five-week crystal course with Maria Celeste and I’ve already learned a month’s worth of material. Maria not only LOVES crystals and has a passion for them, but she knows them deeply and intimately. If you LOVE crystals like I do, and you want to know much about them, Maria Celeste is your crystal coach. – CC

“Hi Maria! I wanted to thank you again …. Your reading was one of the most beautiful I have ever received and you were so aligned with George that I truly felt he was speaking to me ?. Your connection was so timely to how I was feeling and what I was asking George; it’s like my desires were answered!” – MG.

“Hi, Maria. Know that blessings have come to me because of your teaching and your guidance. Your amazing nugget — gather gather gather — everything you can know and understand is of benefit to Spirit and your current lifetime/mission/contract. …that have led to remarkable insights for me.  Events, things, and nature put in my path turned into aha moments — and readings for others that were what they needed and what I needed.  So with a grateful and loving heart, I say another thank you to you and to God for you. Love as ever. – AS

“Hi Maria! I just wanted to thank you again for my (spiritual assessment) session with you last weekend. You have given me a sense of peace I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. I can’t wait to schedule another one with you in the future. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Also I wanted to tell you some of my friends and family would like to reach out to you to schedule their own session.” – KD.

“First off, thank you for the wonderful mediumship classes!!! I have learned so much and you are a phenomenal teacher! I look forward to once again being an active student within your mediumship classes.– MB

“Very much appreciate your gifts and all that you are sharing with others!!!! – TS.

“I am writing this to you to express my grateful heart. It’s through your class and teachings that I have opened my heart and voice to stand in my truth. That while people around me in my past and present might think this is all crazy and weird…I know it’s not. I know it has value and worth. I know that I have value and worth even though it’s not in the “normal” way. Even though it’s not the normal way my family, my parents, heck even my grandparents would do it. It’s through this experience that I finally got it. I finally saw what you talk about in painting them alive. It’s not just the person. It was my loved one’s memories. It was his memories of the time that brought him joy.

Thank you for standing in your truth. Thank you for listening to your guides to create these Tuesday night classes. Thank you for pushing me outside my comfort zone to dig deeper … You have helped me find my voice in a new way. You have helped to ignite a confidence in myself and in what we do, that I have always longed for, but didn’t know how to express. Thank you for being with me on this adventure. Even if at times you have to drag me along behind you. I’m excited to see how God, the angels, my guides, and my loved ones will continue to use me and speak through me. Growing me in ways I have always wished for but couldn’t really feel powerful in becoming. But most of all, I am grateful for You. I appreciate you for being my teacher, my guide, my friend, and my family. Love you! – KB

“I want to thank you for your truly amazing classes! I have learned so much from you that has resulted in greater self confidence in receiving spirit messages! Thank You! Thank You for Being Amazing YOU!! Sending you Big Hugs of Loving, Grateful Blessings!!” – MB.

“It is so wonderful to have your classes to look forward to so I can continue to meet with like minded others. These classes have been the hugest blessing this year! Not only have I learned a ton — I am much happier with the quality of my work– I have had a ball too! – AS

“Feelings overwhelm me. What a great class. You do know how to mix it up with your own stories, the importance of spirit communication & the practice itself. It really was fabulous…. because of your level of experience, education & stretching yourself.” – KA.

“Thank you for an amazing set of classes! I have grown and become even more confident and happy with my abilities! I value you and your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and teachings. Thank you for being such a joyous part of my life…– Corrine

“Did a reading today..the first since I started to expand my gift with spirit with LWISSD Master Teacher Maria Celeste Provenzano Cook. It felt Amazing. I was totally out of my head with it….thank you spirit for this amazing gift and trusting me to spread your word.” – LD.

“Thank you for the incredible course, the wonderful participants and your lovely energy. I learned so much and your teaching techniques are just so much fun. You managed to relax all of us in record time to be able to work with each other. Your patience is something we could all use more of. I will be keeping an eye on your website to see your course offerings in the future.– Yvonne

“I just wanted to let you know that the stones arrived a few days ago and they’re absolutely lovely! I especially love the citrine and often hold it during my classes! Thank you for the time you spent in choosing them for me. All the best to you.” – T.

“I wanted to share it with you because it is through this class, your dedication, and constant encouragement has truly changed me. It’s my favorite day of the week. Even though it’s been hard and super emotional for me, I am grateful you created a safe space and listened to your inner knowing and guides to create and teach this class. I know there is still much to learn, but I am looking forward to all the ways God will use me now and in the future.

Thank you for asking us to go a little deeper within our abilities and to push ourselves more, so that we can be messengers of Spirit, in a way that is true and unique to us. Thank you.” – Kathryn Bjork

“Thanks for the awesome read.” – 7/4/18 – C.N.

“I am still tingling from the crystal session with you. It has had such an impact on my spiritual connection. I worked at Psychic Science on Thursday doing messages and again yesterday at church and it was some of the best work I have done to this point and I know it is all because of the energy you re-directed and the places I went to on your table. I now know where to come to when I am feel like I am slipping. Thank you again. You are so gifted and talented with your work and I am so honored to have experienced it.” – KK Monday

“Maria, I just wanted to let you know that I received the Vogel crystal on Saturday. I appreciate your speediness and convenience of this order. Most of all, I wanted to let you know that it is EXACTLY what I envisioned! It is perfect, and I appreciate the time you took with me to pick out the perfect crystal. Thanks for all that you do and your positive energy.”– TA

“Thank you very much, Maria, for a beautiful class and for the beautiful vogel. It was nice to see your beautiful Center and nice to see you again. We are glad we made the trip over to Indiana! Have a nice day! With much love” – P

“So good to hear from you. I think of you each time I chose the black shiva for grounding a client ( I keep it positioned under the chair they will sit in when getting off the table…resting their feet on it while we talk) Your collection of the wonderful healers you chose for your booth speaks volumes of your essence. Wishing a beautiful time in Cincinnati and Akron for all the patrons! In light and love” – Jane: Intuitive Energy Channeler Sacred Journeys Massage & Wellness Center

“Maria, I love my rose quartz crystals; have made a triangle with them in my bedroom and am sleeping much better. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to meet you and yours and to purchase stone that will/are making a difference in my life. Much love and many blessings to you.” – Maxx

“My friend and I attended the Gemboree in Cuyahoga Falls Sunday and met you and your husband. We are the ones who dropped the 9 magnetic hematite balls on the floor. Of course we were embarrassed, but because of your loving spirit you made our day. I even said to myself you had to be an empath, or clairvoyant. Low and behold, I get home to open my bag of treasures and your card was in there. Our boys were excited about this gem show, they slept with their stones. They already seem to know which stones do what (Especially Noah whom you lovingly gave the 9th ball to). We will always remember you. Thank you for spreading your light and love to our boys. Maria, you are an inspiration. Love” – Renee

“A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE, NEW, AND MUCH NEEDED GUIDE THAT TAPS into all aspects of a life traveling through all realms of peoples’ painful and fearful interactions with cancer. You are to be congratulated for the breadth of your knowledge and your ability to transcribe it so that we all can have an easier path. Thank you for your hours of diligence, for your sharing and guidance, for your time given and publishing such a useful treatise….yes, that is what unfolded. There is not one person who would not benefit from buying your book. Continued success FONDLY” – A.T

“Very wonderful to know that you have contributed a healing force to this world.” – HB

“The book was most interesting to read. The underlying message that I came away with was you have an incredible ability to focus your intent on healing. By nurturing your body and mind, while allowing physicians to use their methods of treatment, you’ve enabled your God given life force to shine brightly again” – NK

“The green tea therapy for radiation – My doctors are totally amazed at my beautiful skin results.
Thank you for sharing this in your book.”
– C.A.

“So much healing occurring with your heartfelt book Maria.” – MB

“An absolute gem. Your book is full of information and ways to support anyone or thier loved ones
through the journey of cancer.”
– C.C.

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