Maria’s 28-Day Vogel Meditation
DNA Activation and Repair Process Part II

These new channelings are to be Part II of “The 28 day Vogel DNA Activation and Repair Process” meditative channeling from Spirit as instructed to me by Great White Eagle~Divine Director. Since the original 28 Day Vogel DNA ACTIVATION and REPAIR channelings, a great deal more information has been downloaded and obtained. I was recently instructed to mediate specially focused on creating Part II of The 28 day Vogel DNA Activation and Repair Process and to journal into another 28 day meditation series Part II.

One reason for Part II is that all the original vogelers have not all attended the additional documentary classes. It is now time to make sure all the original vogelers are offered this information in one area to help you, the original vogeler, to achieve additional higher consciousness and perfected DNA Activation and Repair. The higher consciousness you obtain, the higher consciousness mankind may obtain. You Vogelers are all important links to the achievement of DIVINE ONENESS. The importance of your link to mankind achieving Divine Oneness in Consciousness is the main objective for making this information available. Along with this new information being written down for reading freely, I have been informed additional downloaded information needs to be channeled in during these following days.

So you are all invited to journey along with me. Where Spirit takes me, you are invited to Vogel along and continue on or join us a new in The 28 day DNA Activation and Repair Process.

Bon voyage….Vogel ON:

Please make sure you all plenty of protein..drink plenty of water…and get more rest…The crackling in your ears is the realignment of the crystals in the Pineal Gland as your DNA activates to higher consciousness. Higher consciousness carries with it a wider range of vibrations and the crystalline structure of the Pineal Gland is being reprogrammed to carry higher frequencies for more dimensional understandings. The Pineal Gland contains Calcite Crystals. These crystals must be able to handle a wider range of frequencies as you raise your consciousness. This crackling is the expansion of the crystals adapting themselves to the necessary crystalline structure required to carry the wider band width of frequencies as you carry mankind to a higher consciousness. We promise you it shall pass.

Rest into this new information as we carry you gently into learning this new information.
Be gentle with yourselves. You are important to the cause. Know you are very loved.
Bon Nuit. God.xoxox

Good Morning Sunshines…Bright stars of Light and Love you are…today i am told to tell you about the article I read regarding DNA being scientifically diagnosed as strands of light. I will provide you the link here for your reading.

Should you choose not to read this link…important take aways:

and dearly your soul….
“Dr. Popp exclaims, “We now know, today, that man is essentially a being of light.””


Science is catching up to knowing what your soul already knows. “Don’t worry if you can’t understand this. It’s heavy reading but it does show that the existence of internal photons — inner light — is very real and is the basis of virtually all human cellular and systemic function.” Dan Eden.

Thank you for Lighting up The World by lighting up Your World…Lights on, Rocks on, LOVE ON… Signed Your DNA…. oxxoxo

The following excerpt about the food we eat, from Bernard Bensen, Ph.D. “Chemistry of Man” has been included below. This is in support of eating foods close to the earth.

“Plants require soil, water, carbon dioxide and sunshine to turn inorganic chemicals into living matter. Through the action of sunlight on the chlorophyll in green leaves, food is manufactured by the plant. The action of sunlight on chemicals potentizes them to the higher biochemical form in plants, raising the vibratory level to the point where they can be utilized and absorbed by insect and animal life. The nutrients manufactured by plants include protein, carbohydrates and lipids in varying amounts. Animals acquire these substances only by eating plants and other animals…..Foods manufactured by plants may be stored in roots, leaves, fruit, nut or seed; and it is these foods that contain the chemical elements transformed into more evolved substances – biochemicals with higher vibratory levels than inorganic chemicals. Animals feeding on vegetation raise the vibratory level of biochemicals another step higher…Only nature can come to our rescue. Only cooperation with nature and nature’s laws can restore mankind and the conditions on this planet necessary for mankind to survive. Nature, not our science laboratories, hold the secret of life in her hands.

The Better building blocks are made up of dust of the earth, raised or evolved to higher vibratory levels to match the nutrient needs of our bodies. We want to match our food intake with metabolic needs, vibration by vibration, block by block, until we are functioning at our highest and best level.

Let’s learn to make right food choices because we know we will enjoy the results.” B.Jensen Ph.D. “The Chemistry of Man”

Eat close to the ground…Eat close to the earth…Eat the outside walls of the grocery store… Eat greens. Expand the DNA Activation process through and with the DNA Activation and Repair Process expanded intake of high vibrational foods, thoughts and emotions.

Lights on ROcks on LOVE ON!!!!

As it was stated at the start of this Part II series of channelings November New to Full Moon Cycle 2013…I am to share with you information that has come into my energy field. The purpose is to to make sure you Vogelers are raising your fields of consciousness of the Vogel DNA Activation and Repair process. You accepted your call and these new entries are to assist you in fully charging you to full consciousness of that which you are..BEINGS OF LIGHT.

Please accept that the reason you have all chosen to bring the energies and frequencies of the Vogels into your energy fields now is that you have accepted the call to be LIGHT WORKERS….we are here now once again carrying you to new levels of this responsibility. We are humbled you answered your vogelers are joining you daily…You are the LIGHTS OF THE WORLD…let your LIGHT SHINE….

The following entry was sent into our instrument’s energy field October 2013. This entry compliments yesterday’s entry as well as everything she has been sharing with you these past two years regarding the Vogel Activation and Repair Process of your DNA. As always.we ask please be mindful of what you eat. She shares it here today for you all as today’s entry…Lights on ROcks on LOVE ON!!! Violet Violet Sunshine……..

***It is time for you to move through the challenges and unlock the history that is inside of your body by allowing the light encoded filaments to rebundle, forming new helixes, and by allowing yourself to be receptive to what this new information in the DNA is going to plug in to you. It will not always make sense to your logical mind. You will learn that your logical mind has a place, a function, and a purpose, but that it is not your identity. The logical mind is overused by many people. It is overtaxed and abused, and when you overuse and abuse the logical mind, you create stress upon your body. You do not always need to understand logically what you are experiencing. Watch yourself, maintain humor at all times, and maintain the idea that you are evolving.

Water of Light As all of you are aware, the food and drink that we choose to eat is very important. It is the fuel that drives our current body in our busy, but very purposeful lives, and can make a real difference to how we feel, how we operate, and most importantly, how much Light we can hold on a cellular level. This is a simple invocation, provided by the lovely Archangel Ariel, to add Light to everything that we eat and drink. It won’t turn a bowl of chips into a salad, but it will certainly improve the vibration! I take this, the Water of Life, I declare it the Water of Light, As I bring it within my body, it allows my body to glow. I take this, the Water of Light, I declare it the Water of God, I AM a Master in All that I AM Love and Blessings. – Ramaso Alantis-Sun ✰ ✰ ✰

The invocation is repeated here for your ease of reading. You may wish to copy this to a 3×5 index card and place it in your wallet or picture it to your phone.

‘I take this, the Water of Life, I declare it the Water of Light, As I bring it within my body, it allows my body to glow. I take this, the Water of Light, I declare it the Water of God, I AM a Master in All that I AM Love and Blessings.’

Today Vogelers is a day to eat fresh, drink fresh and be fresh. It is time to speak what is in your hearts connecting your heart chakra with your throat chakra. Too many times you leave unspoken words that would light up your heart because you forget to connect the dots. Connecting the dots is important to raise your vibration of love into your heart and out your throat.

The placement of the vogel between the heart and the throat chakra supports just this action, allowing you to connect your speech with your feelings. The Vogel placed on or about the thyroid gives strength and courage for you to speak your heart in your realities for all the world to see and hear. Words are seen as well as heard. Trust this when we say this, “Words are seen as well as spoken”. The spoken word is seen with the minds eye. So speak your words carefully and honestly from the heart through the throat.

The word that is spoken from the heart and seen in the mind is one that creates harmony in the DNA of the body providing for perfect health and a very high level of raised consciousness sending vibrations of love throughout your energy field. So today’s Vogel On lesson summary; Wearing the vogel over your the area of your thyroid, the area between your throat area and your heart supports you in this: Speak your heart ~ align, repair, activate and balance your DNA.

Vogel on ..Speak Truth Speak Heart…All is aligned in your world….

Namaste ..The Keepers of The Vogels.

Today we come to you to tell you to rest. There is so so much and many new energies coming to your planet and to you that it is important for you to all rest and be rested. Take naps, take a weekend and do nothing ~ yes nothing…this takes work to do nothing but it is what your bodies need as they assimilate and adapt to the new energies’ frequencies and consciousness of the new dimensions. Rest into the newness of you ….. Great White Eagle From Above. Remember you are BEINGS of light so take time to just BE. Vogel on Vogelers in the knowing of BEING. God~ Great Divine Director~ Great Orderer of Divinity~YOU~
Good Morning Star brights….Today we want you to mediate with your vogel crystals on your third eye for 18 minutes..lay on your backs and place the vogel on the third eye. You might have to tape it some how…yes you may take it our of the cage careful of the tips please….otherwise tape it or use a scarf to hold it in place. Place the female point (small end) so as to point down the body. The male point or larger end is facing your crown chakra. If you have a timer set the times so you can be freed from thinking about time passage.

The purpose for this exercise today is to encode frequencies to rest your Calcite Crystals in your Pineal Glands. You on the earth plane are exposed to so many EMFS ( Electro Magnetic Fields). Your usage of cell phones upon this area of your human bodies influences the vibration of these Calcite Crystals. This 18 minutes will afford us the opportunity to re~tone your crystals to their original vibrational frequencies. You should find that with this re~toning your ear crackling noise should be eliminated or diminished.

Yes, you may repeat this exercise as often as you wish. Daily is acceptable and feasible. Re~toning to your original birth frequency can only benefit you and restore youthfulness to one’s physical existence as well as tone all your bodies to their original frequencies.

Along with this exercise We, here in Great White Galaxy, would also afford you the thought of refraining from using your cell phones for twenty (20) minutes less per day. If you should so see fit, please refrain one day a week from using these funny lines of communication. You ask..we tell you …head sets are better than blue tooth. Blue tooth is still close to the Pineal Gland vibrating against your Calcite Crystals. Ear phones simply carry the verbal tones of your language to the ear. Blue tooth is better than phone yet still vibrates a smaller level of EMF’s. Ear phones transmit sound.

We stand with you as you raise your dimensional consciousness in bringing truth of your Crystalline Being Form to the Earth Plane. You are assisting us in removing the veil between the worlds and dimensional. We thank you for responding to the call..So Vogel on Vogelers…enjoy the voyage..we voyage with you, setting your sails to the AT~ONE~MENT. Christmas is coming…Decorate your souls to your brilliance of your birth. Share this good news.

Lights on ROcks on LOVE ON~~~VOGEL ON….

Your Great White Galaxy Family

Good Morning Vogelers..We, from the Great White Galaxy, invite you to understand how important you are to first yourselves, and then to the purpose of raising the vibrations and frequencies and consciousness of the reality of the worlds in which you live…multi dimensional are you living…this is an intense reality so take a deep breath and understand it is ok to wonder what it is to understand multi~dimensional world existences. You have all experienced deja~vu..well then you have experienced multi dimensional living. As you are all raising the vibrational consciousness of the earth plane, we are able to reveal multi dimensional teachings faster and more frequently. we are able to reveal more more frequently all because of the work you are doing both individually and as a team of Vogelers. We, in the great White Brotherhood~Sisterhood ~White Galaxy, are so excited and deeply appreciative of all the efforts you are showing and doing and being..mostly being. Your personal shifts are creating multi dimensional shifts so that the shifts are happening faster, quickly and more, well let’s say, in a more sophisticated manner. The work you are doing just by wearing the vogels is allowing us to realize your shifts faster so we are ahead of schedule. The fact that you feel things are moving faster is that things are moving is a reality time as you know it has hour is still an hour but on all multi dimensional levels it is compressed so that all things are happening faster. You ask how? The frequency vibrations between the worlds is compressed and less dense so things move freely faster through lighter space. Lighter because you have become lighter as you say….thanks to you so much thanks. It is because of you that we are ahead of schedule..again thanks thanks to you ..we are humbled by the work you do and continue to do. You are lifting the veil so beautifully. Continue to eat cleanly, exercise, exercise daily for no less than 20 minutes using it as a form of your meditation. Mediate no less than 20 minutes a day. Yes you can combine the two…yoga is a nice form of this combination of exercise and mediation as is Pilates. Some of you are doing both, some of you none. We simply ask and love whatever you do. Just know exercise and mediation facilitate the activation and repair of your DNA to it’s original Divine State. These new “beach body” exercises are pushing the body to new heights. Combine this with mediation and whoa, whoa whoa what a result you are all achieving. Do you wonder why you are requiring more activity and more clean food in your life? Your DNA is desiring to achieve its natural state. clean eating and exercise and mediation help your DNA achieve natural state through activation and repair.

Today’s lesson is to eat clean, meditate and exercise. However this looks for you ..we support you in doing so.

Know you are very loved and very much appreciated for you are the shift into At-One-Ment. Humbly in gratitude..Great White Galaxy

Because you are light beings…today you are instructed to spend 20 minutes in the outdoor sunlight. Remember you are living organisms and living organisms require sunlight to grow. Your DNA needs sunlight to process your health and to fuel your Soul’s Light Being. Too many of you these days spend no time outdoors. You rush from here to there. So rush outside and be….Enjoy resting into the light as a reflection of your Soul Source…We here in The Upper Galaxy hope to import to you the importance of your being in light for you are Light Beings. Spending time in Sunlight will help you and your DNA activate and repair, returning to your natural Light Brilliance. When in natural Light Brilliance your frequency vibrations are retuned to original state frequencies. When in natural frequency, you are in perfect balance, perfect harmony with your Divine Source At~One~Ment. You are brought back to what you on the earth plane call the fountain of eternal youth.

Today your charge is to visit the Source Sunlight for no less than 20 minutes. Perhaps it might become a lovely habit. Rest into the Son behind the Sun knowing you are one with Divine Director Source Creator. You are the chosen ones.

You ask, “do I bring my Vogel to sit with me?”. Absolutely, making sure it too is exposed to the Sunlight, to Divine Creator Source. The sun shall bring the vogel’s frequency back to it’s natural state as well…

~ENJOY…..Your Divine Soul Source…Love God….

Good Day Everyone 11..12..13 Today we find our instrument very tired and need of rest. So we tell you all that today’s message is REST. Rest means to re~store . Is this not what the DNA Activation and Repair process is about? Yes DNA Activation and Repair process is about restoring you, in your bodies, all your bodies, to their original Divine perfect state. Well uhm..yah….we say RE-ST…Rest into the state of perfect being into your oneness into the light of your perfected Souls from which you come. This restoration will support and facilitate all your bodies being able to achieve original multi dimensional travel, understanding and being. Rest today and allow us to integrate and facilitate your cells being able to hold a full multi dimensional charge for existence in your human state today.

You humans are so busy doing you forget to be. So today just “BE” in rest. Take time to rest so we can restore. Rest in the sun and accomplish two things at once which you humans do so well …. multi-tasking. Yes we like this 20 minutes in the sun everyday …yes this would be good for your souls.

Your tasks for today have been sent and set. So rest into the oneness of your AT-ONE-MENT as you Vogel on in your DNA Activation and Repair Process Part ll.

In love and light…from your Multi Dimensional Great White Galaxy Family and Your Great Divine Director.

You ask “Who is the Great White Galaxy?” We are the multi-dimension force behind the organization and direction of the multi dimensional planes of existence. You might say we are the keepers of the Akashic records of the multi-dimensional levels. We come to you in light and love for there is only love. We come to guide you home to the understanding and existence of where you come from, The Divine Source of all that is. We keep and organize the multi-dimensional planes like a chess game making sure order is maintained with in human chaos. We release information and energies as required and requested by Divine Source, God, as you have so named this Supreme Energy Source to guide you home to your oneness with us for this is where you come from. We guide you back to the original multi-dimension source of Universal Consciousness, Unconditional love, and Perfected At-One-Ment, We are the force behind the release of the new information of The 28 day meditation DNA Activation and Repair Processes. We are the keepers of the Akashic records for the multi-dimensional fields of existence. We come to you in unconditional love from Universal Consciousness. We are love, in love, for love, because of love.

Go forth and be the love you are, shining this love bright to light the world in AT-ONE-MENT. Vogel On …Lights on ROcks on LOVE ON.


Dear Beloved Vogelers…We are so thrilled you are here on this journey of your enlightenment. For it is your enlightenment that enlightens all. We cannot stress this enough ~ The importance of your DNA Activation and Repair Process participation.

You are critical to the mass of the AT-ONE-MENT. It is your shift that encourages, supports, facilitates, and activates not only your AT-ONE-MENT with THE ONE but all of your Earth Family and beyond to shift to THE AT-ONE-MENT. What do we mean by THE AT-ONE-MENT? We mean the shift into Universal Consciousness, the shift into pure White Love LIGHT, the return to your original source; Great Divine Director. It is your return to the original star seed family from which you come. It is this shift that brings heaven on earth as Jesus Christ, The Master, The Enlightened One told you.

Jesus tells you that with the faith of a mustard seed you can do all and more than what He did/does. As you shift to this faith, you shift your DNA to full capacity. The faith that Jesus healed with is the same faith you all use today in Reiki. This is why so many Reiki Masters today. You are shifting into this faith and accepting the capacity to use Universal Energy to heal your brothers and sisters. Reiki Masters are accepting their role in bringing and manifesting higher selves and heaven on the earth plane. As you all shift with DNA capacity shifting, you are accepting more and more responsibility in bringing this beautiful love filled shift to all. Reiki is one of the means of transmitting love energy to the earth plane. Many of you that are Vogelers are Reiki Masters by completing your Reiki attunements. IT is time and you are feeling this shift to do more for others not just for yourselves. This is how you know DNA Activation and Repair is taking place, taking hold. As your DNA activates, you are more aware and more desirous of serving in a bigger way, a better way. Follow your hearts and take up the healing modalities that fit you. We need them all. Crystals are here to assist. The Masters are here to assist. It may be time to read the series called..”The Life and Teaching of The Masters of The Far East Six Volume Set” by B. Spalding . It is time for our instrument to reread this series as it has been 20 years she she has read it.

So we tell you much today? You learn well. Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of food close to the earth. Take time to meditate on the wheat of these teachings. There is much hidden within them and you. Together you are The enlightened ones. Vogel on.

Great White Eagle.

Good Morning Vogel Folks….Here below is some information about the Pineal Gland that is critical to your understanding of the importance of your Vogel Journey. As we mentioned earlier the Pineal gland is Calcite Crystal. Please be aware of this as you use your new modern technologies near or close to your head.

Spend time each day sending love and light to your Pineal glands. Lights on Rocks on LOVE ON.

The Catholic Church uses the Pine Cone shape in many of their instruments. There is a large pine cone statuary in the court yard of the Vatican City, in Rome Italy. The Pineal Gland is a key gland connecting you to Universal Life Source ~GOD~…as we said before Lights on ROcks on LOVE ON….

“The third eye aka the pineal gland has many secrets hidden & we can continue to talk about this area of the human system in many different ways. Western medicine has focused on the anatomy & physiology of the human body to ensure good health. To understand phenomenon which exist beyond the human body, can we truly find answers from anatomical & physiological factors? Ayurveda & Yoga which are based on the Sankhya system talk of 5 bodies – the body made up of food (the physical body), the body made up of life force energy or prana (physiology of the physical body depends on this), the body made up of the mind (all thoughts & thinking patterns), the body made up of stored knowledge of all past lives as well as the knowledge that exists in the universe (including knowledge across space & time), the body of bliss (the body that holds the soul). All these 5 bodies are linked & are the cause of all phenomenon that occur in an individual’s life. Indeed, when the eye is single, the body is full of light. When the third eye awakens, both hemispheres of the brain awaken. As a result, in the internal sky of the mind, a light starts to shine through. This light spreads to the whole body & the skin becomes lustrous. This luster is especially noticeable on the face. Many saints are depicted with auras full of light behind the head & face.” unknown

Vogel ON…Love God

As we said at the beginning of these channelings, Part ll, our purpose is to bring attention to new information that pertains to the activity and increased knowledge that is being imported into to your world today from beyond.

This link is one of these pieces of information we wish you to be made aware of as you journey your Vogel Path. Our instrument will be sharing with you information we gave her regarding skulls and the Northern Cross ~ North star Constellation. For now access this link. Watch it many times and let this information be imported into your consciousness as your DNA is activated and repaired.

The Timeless Crystal Skull’s Story

We thank you for responding to this call. Love your Blessed Mother Mary Gaia Keeper.

Dear Beloved Students of The DNA Activation and Repair Process:

Below is very current (11.14.13 WSU) additional link to information that supports what we have been telling you here in PART ll of the DNA Activation and Repair Process Meditation Channeling.

Your world is catching up to your existence of your natural states. We have been professing and supporting your beliefs that you ARE in fact Crystalline Beings of Light. We have been professing that wearing your Vogel speeds up the process of your DNA Activation and Repair Process. Well here dear vogelers is scientific proof of that which we have been importing to you these past lessons, these past years. It is important for you to find time in the sun; to bring more light into your being, to eat foods closer to the earth~ specifically more greens, bringing light into your DNA for perfect health and harmony and balance in your human state on earth.

Light affords you to move at the speed of light transcending many dimensions.

We have had our instrument copy the article as well as provide the link to the article.

Enjoy traveling at the speed of light for you are Crystalline Light Being.

Look for your Halo Aura. Your Halo Aura is your light. Go forth and light up the world. We need you Bright Stars. Vogel on Vogel Strong. Lights on Rocks on LOVE ON.

Love Great White Galaxy Family.

Here is today’s sharing insight of Lights on ROcks on LOVE ON!!!! The link we spoke of above: Student Finds Way to Boost Conductivity 400x Totally by Accident

‘Like a modern Henri Becquerel, Washington State University doctoral student Marianne Tarun’s discovery came quite by accident. Her simple lab error has uncovered a new way to boost electrical conductivity of a crystal by 40,000 percent, simply by exposing it to light.

Tarun had accidentally left a sample of strontium titanate out on a counter before testing the crystal’s conductivity and discovering the phenomenon. Her team suspects that photons knock loose electrons which boost the material’s conductivity. Her follow up tests confirmed the effect and found that as little as 10 minutes of light exposure could propagate the effect for days on end.

Known as persistent photoconductivity, it’s nowhere near the level of electrical throughput of what super-conducting materials can achieve. However, it does hold a great deal of practical potential. For one, the effect works at room temperature unlike superconductors which only function at a fraction of a degree from absolute zero.

“The discovery of this effect at room temperature opens up new possibilities for practical devices,” said Matthew McCluskey, co-author of the paper and chair of WSU’s physics department, in a press statement. “In standard computer memory, information is stored on the surface of a computer chip or hard drive. A device using persistent photoconductivity, however, could store information throughout the entire volume of a crystal.” This could eventually lead to massive increases in data capacity and, hopefully, a Krypton-style storage medium.’ [WSU] 11.14.13

A personal note from me, Maria Celeste Keeper of The Vogel DNA Activation and Repair Process Channel Information……I must say I am extremely humbled as I find that the information I am channeled is being reinforced by the information of the scientific community and beyond. I pray I can be an open and clear channel to continue to bring this information to you in a way that is easily understood. I am told that like Jesus, some of this information is in “parable” form. Parable form is to keep the wisdom and knowledge sealed until we are ready to have it revealed. This is to keep us from frying our crystalline light bodies. When our frequency can handle it we will understand it. This is why multiple reads of these channeling is being encouraged. We will “see” things differently as our consciousness is raised. With each reading we are raised into AT-ONE-MENT.

This journey is fun and amazing and energetically high. I take my responsibility seriously, loving what God has asked us to do. So I also ask you to pray for us as this is not without it’s interesting and expanding challenges. I humbly pray I can continue to serve God’s Kingdoms. I pray that I may hear God’s call clearly and act wisely in fulfilling this call for each and everyone of us. Prayers of support are requested. Know we pray for all of you daily as we journey our Vogel Journeys DNA Activation and Repair Process bringing AT-ONE-MENT to us all.

Lights on Rocks on LOVE ON… namaste mariaceleste 11.16.13

Another sharing of a post as shown to our instrument by Great White Spirit with inspiration to share for you Vogelers:

“RECEIVING THE GOLDEN LIGHT OF CREATION! GODDESS (Pharaoh) HATSHEPSUT – the Hathors – the Star Elders and Archangel Michael through Aluna Joy – Hatshepsut Temple, Egypt – 10/8/2013 ~ Message #1 this is a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE Dear Family Of Light!

The following is the 1st message that we received in Egypt this past Oct 2013.. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing.. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Star Elders and all the others that joined us, assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you as you read them. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

When we walked up the ramp to the temple, we felt an immense amount of love.

Today there is something tangibly different here at Hatshepsut Temple. Hatshepsut is saying that there is something new, brand new, here today. This has been waiting for a long time to come out into the light. Hatshepsut and the Hathors have been waiting a long time for this time. Egypt and the Holy Lands have been waiting a long time for this time.

When I close my eyes, Goddess Hatshepsut (pretending to be a male pharaoh) is showing me a temple chamber that leads into another chamber, into yet a deeper chamber and yet another deeper chamber beyond that. These chambers go way back into the mountain behind this temple. The end chamber has been sealed a long time ago. It has never been contaminated. She is inviting us into this ancient chamber (and those reading this as well).

This chamber is also mirrored inside your heart temple. I wish I could draw this for you, because it is a very elaborate geometry of the heart going back deep inside our hearts. While Hatshepsut was here at this temple site, she anchored something that was gifted to her, and that was gifted to many people before her, which was very, very ancient (pre-Earth). What she anchored is ready for this very important time on Earth.

Goddess Hatshepsut is really happy that we are here. She is happy that none of us have to pretend to be something we are not anymore . . . that we can be who we are. Last year she showed us how she could not be herself in her time. She could not let go of her costume of being a man so that she could be empowered as a woman to do what she was called to do. That time of pretending has passed now. That hardship does not affect her spirit anymore. She feels strong in her feminine energy now, so she can let out something that she has been storing away for a long time. She is asking us if we would open the chambers of our hearts to allow what she had stored away, so that it can come into our hearts (Each of us must give Hatshepsut permission to do this).

What she is giving us . . . words I could attach to this energy would be “purity” and “integrity.” Even though this is a very ancient energy, there is something very, very new and unknown about it. She is saying that this energy has never touched the Earth before. It will start flooding the Earth and will go into all the people who have the open hearts to intuit, the ears to hear, and the eyes to see. It will raise up the Earth’s frequency and change everything.

OK . . . Archangel Michael is popping in, as well as the Star Elders, to help me decipher / translate what she is saying to me. Even they are having trouble coming up with the appropriate words to describe this new energy. We are in a new cycle of time, and this cycle comes with new Codes of Creation and new Laws of Nature. This temple of Hatshepsut holds these codes. These codes go way, way back in time. They go all the way back to the stars, where we all came from in the far distant past. These codes are older than Atlantis. They are older than Lemuria. The energy of these codes is older than ages that we have names for. It is older than the Earth itself. I guess you might call it the equivalent of the cosmic Holy Grail. It looks like this current journey is going to be about touching and absorbing energy that has never been here before. This is the purpose of 2013 through 2016.

Goddess Hatshepsut is asking if she can put this new energy in a secret place in your heart. This is the place that you have always known about, a place where there is something inside of you that is so sacred that you have never let it out. You have never shared it, because it is so holy, pure and uncontaminated. You know this place that I am talking about, right? It is the place inside of you that you have never dared share with anyone, because it is just too precious. What she is offering you is something that will trigger this inner holy place into the next level of consciousness, frequency, evolvement, etc…. She is giving our inner holy place the water it needs to grow.

Goddess Hatshepsut says that she had to live through a time that was really tough, and she had to pretend to be a person that she didn’t want to be. She pretended to be something that she was not; but all the time inside, she knew it was worth it, because she had something stored that would help in the future. Just like all of us intuitively know that this is the lifetime: this is the time that something special is happening on the Earth and with humanity. So (as you read this) she is activating this place inside of you, the place that is totally sacred and that you have yet to ever let out into the Earth. This energy is similar to what she anchored way back in the mountains. There is energy for the Earth’s evolution and similar energy for humanity.

She says this is why we feel the mountains are alive here. It is true, because this energy is permeating this whole mountainous area, and that is why she wanted to build her temple here. She knew she could use this natural mountain formation to safely store this energy for as long as she needed to and again use it as a natural amplifier. When this energy/wisdom/alchemy is released, it will flow down these huge temple ramps and flood out into the world. There is a serpentine line carved on the top of the wall on both sides of the walkway that goes right down into Horus. Horus is the protector, and he will oversee this distribution of energy. He is also a link to Archangel Michael.

I am actually getting a glimpse of this energy. It looks like a golden ball of light, and it looks like there are many universes inside this golden light. Hatshepsut wants to share this energy with us. We can place it inside of our hearts and carry it with us throughout this journey. She is quite clear in saying that this energy activation is going to build during the journey. There are other temples that are also connected to the feminine that we will connect with, and we will be receiving many pieces . . . like pieces to a puzzle. This energy will help us open our hearts, have more compassion, unconditional love, and empathy. It will strip away any of our differences and bring unity; but it will also trigger a new science . . . alchemy . . . of life. We will have more compassion and have less division between us and other human beings: divisions like social status and educational levels, religions, genetics, and all the things that have been separating us. We will find that these boundaries will blur really quickly. They already have in us.

Now I understand why they called this pilgrimage “The Alchemy of Rebirth.” We are receiving a new science / technology of the heart that is an alchemy that will help us be able to morph into new beings and also trigger this for others throughout the entire world. We hope you understand.

The love Goddess Hatshepsut is sending us is so beautiful. She has been lovingly guarding this place along with thousands of other guardians here in the mountain sides. When she sets this love free, giving it to us, she will be free also. So she is thanking us, because we will give her the wings to fly. She will also give us the wings to fly as well. We will have the ability to see through the darkness and transform our bodies. We won’t need anything outside of ourselves to manifest. Slowly, step by step, over the last twenty or thirty years we have been preparing for this. It is becoming more and more of a solid, actual physical reality now. It is not just something that we have learned about. It is something that is actually going to take hold in the physical form as we start being Living Masters.

Being a Living Master is very different from an Ascended Master. An Ascended Master is one who obtained mastery and ascension, left this physical reality, and is now working from higher realms to help humanity. A Living Master is living from mastery, while being able to maintain mastery in a physical body. This is something we have been trying to do for a long, long time, and it is starting to take hold now. Once the barrier is broken and we are as living masters, this will shake up the world in ways that we can only guess at now. When we start walking and living as Living Masters, it will also bring peace and harmony back to the world. As Jeshua said, “What I have done, you can do also and greater things.” This is one of many greater things.

Jeshua ascended and went to a higher vibration. We are going to be able to hold this new type of frequency, this type of love, but also be here in a physical body with our feet on the ground. We will be able to help transform the Earth along with us. The Earth is already transforming. Humanity and Earth have a symbiotic relationship. We are all doing this together.

I think this is what Goddess Hatshepsut wanted to share with us today. I could feel her while we were still on the Afandina (our Nile sail boat) this morning. So I knew she wasn’t going to waste any time when we arrived here.

Group member Debbie makes a point: This is about unity consciousness. It is about the balance of the masculine and the feminine. And for her, she was that. She was feminine, but she had to live a masculine life.

Aluna comments: I think what she is anchoring here and offering to us is way beyond any place where there was duality. In the past, we chose to separate and be diverse to learn lessons. We had to experience the duality and the polarities to learn. But now we have learned what we needed to learn. Our guides, guardian angels, Masters, etc. . . are starting to unify us, and that is why we may have been feeling so dizzy. Although, since we have been on the Nile, I have noticed that the dizzy, woozy, spinning feeling is subsiding due to the magical energy that comes from the Nile. I think the Nile is really going to help us.

It is funny because we have been so impatient about getting to where we know we are supposed to be . . . our whole life. Hatshepsut is really impatient to get this energy downloaded to other people. As other groups come here, she can send out more of this energy. She is so done with this present dimension (laughter), just as we have been feeling this year that we are also done. She is ready to finish the job that she started, like the rest of us, and she wants to fly with us.

On an alternative historical note . . . the Star Elders shared with me that this temple was built like the ones in Atlantis. But in Atlantis they used a translucent, mystical stone that does not exist anymore. These stones disappeared during the fall of the Atlantean Age. But some of the architecture (like the altar stones that are placed inside this temple) is based on Atlantean alchemy. In the pure holy days of Atlantis, no one person could be in total control of the power. Sadly, this changed at the end due to greed and ego. True alchemy and power were reached only within a group, or a community of initiates, working with balanced energy. Initiates would use different altar stones / holy stones. When they would work in perfect harmony, they could switch on the lights, so to speak. Built after the fall of Atlantis, Hatshepsut Temple and Luxor Temple are the two temples where they tried to maintain this alchemy. The building of these temples was overseen by Ascended Master Serapis Bey and Thoth, the Atlantean who survived the fall of Atlantis . . . and also Akhenaten, who believed in living with authenticity and taught unity and the presence of One God.

(by AlunaJoy&theStarElders) OMG..woaw.. So much Love & bliss in this transmission..I do hope you open up to receive.. ILY, be blessed, Angel ~”

P.S. I, MariaCeleste, am to tell you, that in keeping with our need for rest, They had me sleep for Thirteen (13) hours after this posting. An extreme rarity for me. Rest has ordered and demanded for us and so they created such for me…Rest Vogelers…Honor Self…Rest into the newness of you(!). Especially after this download transmission from The Star Elders and Goddess Hatshepsut. Amen. Lights on ROcks on LOVE ON.

Another insightful sharing for you Vogelers:

“The Spiritual Age” by Owen K Waters
“The Spiritual Age is not just another age to be documented in the pages of history books.
The Spiritual Age is a quantum leap in the evolution of humankind.

There are 12 distinct stages in the evolution of human consciousness: six material stages followed by six spiritual stages. Once a person shifts from the material tier into the spiritual tier of evolution, everything changes. The old rules no longer apply, and the ways of the new reality have to be understood and acted upon.

Imagine the radical change that a butterfly goes through in its transformation from an earthbound, limited chrysalis to the joyous freedom of a butterfly. Likewise, a radical transformation occurs when humans move into the spiritual stages of their evolution.

When you enter the realms of spiritual consciousness through the gateway of the heart, you begin to understand that love is more important than money, power, fame, or any of the other entrapments of material life.

Upon moving into the energy of unconditional love, it becomes clear that helping others is the key to success in life. Your viewpoint of life is expanded, just as the butterfly sees more from its position above the ground than it ever saw before while earthbound.

Once a person has gained an understanding of the expanded realm of the heart, they are free to move on to the next stages of spiritual consciousness. Inspiration starts to flow. Knowing comes to the fore. Intuition is your daily guide and helper as the wisdom of your soul comes forth to help you succeed at all your efforts in life.

With soul communion comes the blissful joy of spiritual consciousness. With that blissful joy comes inner peace and the lifting away of all the cares of the world. This is reality. This is the state that God always intended for you to discover so that you can live and love in the light of soul consciousness and become a fully-empowered spiritual being.

Your birthright is love, light, and the laughter that springs from spiritual joy.

In the future lie the final stages of spiritual development. The human journey from caveman to cosmic consciousness is one where relatively unconscious, disconnected individuals search until they discover the road back to the place from which they came. The unconscious human learns enough about life to eventually return to the embrace of God as a conscious god, fully empowered with the love and wisdom which springs from the divine source of all life.” Owen K Waters

Lights on Rocks on LOVE ON…Remember on the next full moon to charge your Vogel Quartz Crystals in the full moon light ..bring along other Crystal friends to enjoy the cleansing soft reflected Sun light.

Thank you for responding to this call..Love God

Today, I am to begin to expose you, by an introductory writing, to the information they gave me during the Summer of 2012 (7.26.2102 @ 4am). This information is about the heavens above. It regards the constellation Cygnus and The Lyra Codex with the stars of Vega and Aquilla. Vogelers please understand and study the wisdom of the insights of the Vogel purpose has been placed in the sky so many many millions of years ago(see November 17, 2013 post). Please make sure to look to the heavens for the encoding secret to unlocking the mysteries of our DNA is held in the heavens imprinted in the Light behind the stars.

You will find more detailed information on the post of November 24, 2013. Please now reread November 17, 2013 for additional transmission and insight.

~Enjoy ..Lights on ROcks on LOVE ON. Mariaceleste

Today’s post regards a very timely article pertaining to DNA shared with our instrument in October 2013. It is one of the many articles revealed to her and thus one of the many reasons we instructed her to put all this information together for you Vogelers. This information is now coming together in one place; The 28 Day Vogel DNA Activation and Repair Part ll booklet. Please read with vogel in hand.

This article discusses the communication from a DNA molecule in the form of ultraviolet photons — light! It scientifically supports and enhances what we have been telling you about the foods you eat and your time in the sunlight.

We hope you enjoy today’s scientifically insightful and educational entry.


Journey on into your Mastery. We stand very close. Namaste. Lights on Rocks on LOVE ON Vogel On. The Divine Creator Director GOD, in love with love for love…the I AM that IS.

Good Morning Vogelers…Getting ready for the Holidays Huhn..?? Well so are we!!! and we very excited about it too…..Many lights are shining bright. We are so so very proud of your delight in how you shine so bright.

These past few days have been filled with tremendous emotions and spiritual challenges…from the full moon to the X Factor Solar Flares. You on the earth plane have been bombarded with much new energies. These energy pulses are tuning you up and shifting you into shifting flour in a colander..shifting out the shaft from the wheat as you all might say. These “downloads” as some of you call them, have been doing just this..shifting you, purging you, raising you in oneness with The Almighty Oneness. The ultimate purpose of these shifts is just this; Your Oneness with The Almighty Oneness(!).

We understand the struggle of letting go, shifting, organizing, rearranging, moving into newness, (you all love change so much). Well change is on and change is now. Some of you were moving slowly, some of you moving not at all, some of you already shifted..well now, for all of you the shift is on. We need you to shift, so we need to activate the shift process…Strong Full Moon gravitational forces…XFactor Sun flares (We were gentle on the back side of the Sun so as to not be a direct hit). The shift must occur so we have activated forces to help you shift the sand under you feet, bringing you closer to the Source Within letting go of that Without.

Oh dear ones..let go of your fear and trust in us to assist you in your shifts. We are here guiding you and assisting you in your shifts, you sometimes easy, sometimes not so easy but always all ways in Love and Light for the Greatness of the AT-ONE-MENT.

We walk with you each step of the way, bringing joy after the shift. Easing the difficulties from our side. You may not feel us, see us of hear us, but trust that we are assisting in your shift. Also know that you shift; we too shift. We are all being raised into The At-ONE-MENT Consciousness. We continue to Master on with you as you too Master on. Remember you are all Masters in the journey of remembering you are: the I AM Master. God only makes perfection …no junk. We are shifting the negatives out of your consciousnesses on all levels and planes and dimensions of your beings. We are removing even from your vocabulary the languages of negativity. Watch, be aware, look, hear, listen all around you the influx of positive words, thoughts, actions, deeds. Not by chance but by design this shift it occurring. Your souls all want to be reunited with their source. You are doing a great job and we are assisting you. So shift on ~ Shift Bright for you are the LIghts. We need you to make this shift. We are doing our part hard and easy to shift with you in your shift. So Vogel on Shifters….You are the new shape shifters. Welcome to the New Realm of Heaven on Earth. You are the I AM. Vogel on Shift ON …Lights on ROcks on LOVE ON.

Love from your Star Gate Planetary Masters The Great White Galaxy Family.

Today’s article for your reading pleasure and increased consciousness and frequency attunement is here

Matthew 6:12 “ If your eyes be single, your whole body be full of Light”

“Pineal Gland..DNA..Energy into the Pineal Gland” anonymous

Lights on ROcks on LOVE ON Vogel ON … Simply ALL THAT IS IS YOU !!! LOVE GOD

Today’s readings are a post received in the Summer of 2013. I received this just in time for my birthday. Not knowing why at the time but without question, as I was told to save it, so I did. Now I know why for I am told this is to be today’s post. As important as it was this summer, it is even more so now. We are all shifting. This post helps explain the necessary shifts into The New Age Awakening. This post will help you see that we have much help in our Vogel DNA Activation and Repair Process. We are being honored with Spirit following through on what they say they are doing. They are walking with us as we shift into our AT-ONE-MENT. This post aids in the knowledge and reinforcement of all previous posts, preparing and assisting us for our ever present and future personal continuation of our DNA Activation and Repair Process. So Read on …Vogel On. Remember you are the music of your soul dancing in your reality..How are you dancing your dance ..your soul bright???

In Love and Light Lights on Rocks on LOVE ON..Your Great Divine Director Creator with and through Maria Celeste T.O.P.

“The Lion’s Gateway Initiation 26 July – 12 August, 2013

Dear Ones,

We have called this time New Life Awakening – your spiritual journey through human birth into Homo Luminus – becoming an awakened being of Light in the fullness of your human form. You are in the process of incorporating your Divinity and your human-ness as a co-creator in the evolution of consciousness on the Earth.

As with all spiritual journeys, there are initiations, portals through which the devotee must pass in order to incorporate the next level of spiritual awakening.

And so it is now as you approach the Lion’s Gateway from July 26 through August 12 – a two-week portal with extreme waves of Light that will activate the coding within your DNA to the next level. This will assist your integration of the 5D imprint that is a part of your Soul’s Destiny, if you are the one reading this work.

When we look at the Earth we see the sparks and flares igniting as the awakening codes are firing within each open heart on the planet. By the 12th of August there will be a fireworks display the likes of which we have never seen. The Heavens are celebrating you and honoring your commitment to assist in this planetary awakening.

The Gyroscope within Your Being

To integrate and ground these new light codes, you will need to strengthen the Gyroscope in the heart of your being so you can stay in True Balance. You do this with your preparation and intention, as well as with the assistance of the Masters and Archangels working with you. As you let these Waves of Light clear the last vestiges of old energy from your mental/emotional fields, you will awaken higher frequencies in your physical body while anchoring the power of Light on the earth. Consider the fact that you do this work not only for your own spiritual evolution, but for that of all humanity, even though they may be currently unaware of this opportunity.

As you hold and anchor the new frequencies on the great interconnecting Web of Life, you become a magnetic Beacon of Light. You are attracting your soul community who resonate with the vibration of your being. As you come into contact with these people, you have never felt so at home, and these new frequencies will also have that familiar quality of Home as well. It will nourish you at a whole new level. There are many hundreds of thousands of souls walking with you through the Lion’s Gateway from July 26 – August 12.

The collective consciousness will take a quantum leap into Love as the pure feminine energy expands throughout the world.

A Gift for You: A New Partnership for Your Life

When these codes are fired within your being, a true Spiritual Activist will commit to a designated interval in life that allows the integration of the new frequencies. In ancient times, devotees were required to create an “anusthan” – a special time where they did a specific spiritual practice, through the beginnings and endings of an initiation period to integrate the new teachings. Living in the world has now become a vast spiritual ashram in which your life reflects the ceremonies of initiation. As with ashram life, you are never alone in this process.

Your Soul Community is with you in ever-strengthening numbers, offering boundless support on every level. The Archangels are orchestrating this awakening, and your Angelic teachers and Masters are available to you in a real and personal way as never before. And now there is a new partnership being offered – the nurturing presence of Nature is opening to you in a way you have never experienced.

This Gift from Nature is being offered as a reward for your willingness and intrepid spiritual warriorship. This Gift is from the Universal Presence of Nature – the forces who constitute the Earth’s evolution, this great Presence is offering to be your Partner in Life.

With the assistance of the elemental forces of Nature, you will be able to walk through the fires of your initiation with Gracious Assistance. The Realms of Awakening Light and the Presence of Nature offer you a powerful Nurturing and Grounding Force to ease the process of this powerful Initiation into Awakening Life.

There are many levels that can be utilized simply and gracefully.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Spend as much time as you can with trees, flowers, gardens, flowing waters and let Nature soothe and nourish your delicate nervous system that has been so over-stimulated by the forces of Awakening Light.

2. Keep live plants and flowers in the place where you live so you can continue to receive from the over-lighting Angels within each plant.

3. Hold the Sacredness of the Earth in your heart and mind. Speak and more importantly, listen to what Nature is offering to you at this time. You are being gifted from the most gracious, nurturing arms of the Mother of all Life. She is offering to hold you and nourish you through your awakening. You are being gifted a sense of Safety in your heart that will assist you in your Earth life.

4. Consider the use of Essences of Flowers, Gem Elixirs and energetic Essences of Light that can bring you into harmony with the essence of Nature. If appropriate, use Aroma Therapy and other supportive natural systems of healing, balance and stability. If you have used them in the past, you will find they have taken on a new frequency of Awakening Light.

5. Most of all, keep Hope, Faith and Trust alive as you walk thorough yet another initiation portal into new life awakening in the 5th Dimensional Realms where you now live. You are so loved and cared for in this process. As Beacons on the Web of Life, you are the ones who are bringing the awakening Light into manifest consciousness, and it is Good.

Stand in the truth of your Heart. Let Beauty, Harmony and Love permeate to the very cellular structure of your being and step boldly through the Lion’s Gateway into the new patterns of Awakened Life that await you. And so it is.” – channeled by Shanta Gabriel, July 15, 2013

Vogel ON Light Star Beings of the Multi-Dimensions….GWS(Greta White Spirit)

As we discussed on the post of November 17th, here is this the information I, MariaCeleste was given at 4 am on 7.26.2012.

After many sleepless nights during Eric’s open heart surgery and diabetic complications, to think spirit had the nerve to get me out of bed at 4 am, caused me to be angry and to argue with Spirit. Spirit always wins. So, as ordered ,I got up. I, as clearly instructed, went to my computer and opened to face book. Spirit knowing I am not a very good scroller of FB, bam right in front of me was information about Cygnus. Cygnus is the Swan Constellation having to do with DNA activation and alignment of the Sky. “Ok Spirit I see”, I said. Here below is that information given to me via FB at 4 am July 26, 2012.

Cygnus, meaning bird, is from Roman Mythology. In this mythology a swan figure was placed in the sky by Jupiter in gratitude for form, physical DNA. From Cygnus a thousand crystal skulls would flow. In modern understanding I am told this to mean from the skulls representing our DNA, that aptitude, intelligence, wisdom and understanding would be developed and activated through specific anchoring of symbols of the stars with specific at-tune-ments for the purpose of a better awakening of the connection with different dimensions of self thus expanding our level of consciousness and capability to increase the co-efficiency for light absorption and thus increase our ability to be the light we are meant to be because we are. All this information; the information I had channeled in part l of the DNA Activation and Repair Process was actually put in the sky eons ago. Spirit woke me up to tell me this. I was both honored and humbled to tears.

Cygnus is part of the Lyra Codex (81 stars of different magnitudes) with the stars Vega and Aquilla. They all embody the different aspects of the qualities of the higher frequency codex. Lyra holds the key to our original DNA template and the key to human betterment. The funny thing is Cygnus is also known as the Northern Cross seen in the summer sky. I was awaken in the Summer Sky.

The skulls hold strands of our DNA to be activated, enabling us to shift from lower self to higher self, allowing for attunement to our souls. This enables us to shift our perspective and make changes in our reality facilitating the contact and alignment between higher and lower self, removing the veil between the worlds. This is all in the sky held within our constellations.(!) God is so good. With this new understanding, we have been cleared to carry crystal skulls for sale through Gems By Celestial Dancer(tm).

From Lyra came the matrix that gave the blueprint of the Human Universal Life Stream. Also from Lyra came the Divine spark that allows us to become enlightened and self aware. Pineal Gland awaken. Our pineal glands are our seed of our soul’s gateway to the Divine.

We need to crack the code and activate the Divine power of our DNA, opening the Pineal glands’ gateway to Divine SOurce SOul; The Portal to the Power source of SOURCE. Now is the time. Vogel on Vogelers. DNA Activation and Repair Process, cracking open the code to the Divine spark within to be with out.

We are encouraged and guided to reread the transmission from November 17, 2013 once again, for the fourth time. Read and receive these transmissions from Goddess Hatshepsut and the Star Elders. These transmissions are for both our personal and planetary evolutionary transformation.

Vogel on …. Lights on ….ROcks on ….LOVE ON!!!! God /Goddess Hatshepsut.

Encouraging you to “Let Go and Let God……DNA natural state is your beauty:

“You have been brainwashed since you were a small child, you’ve got samskaras from different lives, all coming at you in full force. And you have a belief system that you react to everyday. You say this is good and this is bad and this is right and this is wrong, I love this and I hate this. All part of your belief system, the mind. Now these roots have been planted a long time ago. Therefore to get rid of your negative thinking so-to-speak, you have to dig a big hole to pull out the roots. You do this by turning away from your problems, turning away from your situations, turning away from the world and diving deep within yourself. Continually, day after day after day, never looking for results. Never saying, I’ve been practicing a month now and nothing has happened. Remember how many years it took you to be the way you are. The things that your mind has accepted. The stuff you’ve got deep in your subconscious so-to-speak. It has to come up and gotten rid of.” ~ Robert Adams via Houry Shaghoyan

Link to article that scientifically supports the importance of Mindfulness: Here

Thank you for responding to our call today…GWS

Good Morning SUN ~ Shine Vogelers… As with our instrument, we are encouraging you all to physical up and strengthen up. It is in this physical strengthening from which comes moral and mental strengthening. You are all being called upon to have, use, share and increase all of your strengthens on all planes and dimensions of your existences. For you see these days you are being required to do much, process much more and be so much more of that which you already are THE I AM….just ask our instrument. You are being expanded beyond your current limitations. Which we might say are all self imposed. Your desires to move into Physical Perfection is being stimulated by our need to have you in physical perfected states of being. We know what is being asked of you and your physical perfection is required for your DNA Activation and Repair to take final and complete whole. Do not think it is just by chance that there is so much more information about health and well being these days….Know for certain we are behind all the new openings of all your new earthly physical studios and increased number of said classes. We are stimulating and facilitating your DNA Activation and Repair on all dimensions. So please Vogel on and push your limits into the limitlessness of your Divine states of being. Drive through the challenge …Work through it ..refrain from running from it. We are here strengthening with you in our AT-ONE-MENT. We need you and are here to help you be all you are for the AT-ONE-MENT. Vogel on Vogelers…Lights on ROcks on LOVE ON…YOU ARE LOVE and YOU ARE LOVED. Your Great White Galaxy Family and GOD The Divine Director Creator.
Affirming you improving your Physical Beings..STRONG ON!!!

DNA ACTIVATION AND REPAIR STRONG YOU !!!!! We are just a saying…Love Great White Galaxy Family….because we care and love you ..Working Through it to perfection….Thank you for responding to our calls. GWS

This post is meant for us all. It is written as feminine but is meant for male and female genders. It is about and for us all. No offense is it be given in the way it is written from the She standpoint. We are all one. For it is about being in your strength; male or female., being in your soul; female or male, being in your DNA perfected state; The AT-ONE-MENT. This insert is about you being YOU; male or female. This is about you being the best you can be; female or male. This insert today is to help your light’s shine brightly; male or female. We need your light’s bright in today’s world. You are the key to our success. AT-ONE-MENT is all because of you; female or male; each and everyone of you stepping into your perfection.

…Vogel On Vogelers….. Let your Bright light shine brightly… your friend in heaven ~ God.//Great Divine Director/Creator

“She’s coming into her power… She has established a reverent relationship with herself and she is blooming… but it came with a price. It came through the suffering of past self betrayals where she learnt from her own self inflicted pain, how to take back her worthiness and her power from her false self beliefs and her ensuing dysfunctional relationships with life… She’s cutting through the illusions now and finding her beauty, her strength and her light that were there all along… She’s throwing the lie of being wounded and broken out of the window and instead she’s wearing her past wounds as medals, as the power and authority over her own life that she’s earned. She’s aware that her insecurities are phantoms that only take on life if she gives it to them, without her consent they are powerless… She’s not fighting against her insecurities anymore, but she is not allowing them to affect and deter her either … She’s not suppressing them because she has learnt that what she resists persists… Instead She accepts them as she accepts all other aspects of herself, and in that acceptance she dismantles their power over her, She allows them the space to surface, Then she simply observes them objectively without identifying with them or judging them. She is grateful for her insecurities because she has learned from having felt their barren, loveless emptiness of the missing fullness and lushness of her true self that she has always innately sensed and longed to experience… She now knows that this lushness that embodies her confidence, self love, fulfillment and peace naturally blooms when she allows herself to relax and be as accepting of her weaknesses as she is of her strengths, It blooms when she’s being authentic to who she truly is in any given moment, (when she’s following her needs, obeying the voice of her own integrity and listening to her own inner guidance). It blooms when she cares for and nurtures her body and soul It blooms when she is grateful and appreciative of what she has… It blooms when she takes what she’s learnt from the past, lives enriched by it in the moment and allows her fully lived moments to take care of her future… It blooms when she gives of herself and her love wholeheartedly and willingly without exceptions or expectations. It blooms when she chooses empowering and positive thoughts that energize what she wants for herself, It blooms when she responds instead of reacts and accepts and respects the rights of others to be as they are … It blooms when she surrenders fear to faith… It blooms when she does what she loves and through her love and fulfillment it becomes a service. She has found her path, She knows where she needs to be… The “achiever “ is not needed there… She is claiming everything that is whole and complete and already naturally intact as she surrenders her false self image and gives up aspiring to be someone that she is not. She’s now refusing to buy into the “Damsel in distress, poor victimized me” because to do so would be to betray who she now knows she is, Instead she is focused on being the creator of the life she wants and drawing her magnificence forth, She’s living from her heart and soul She’s finally living…. “ © Caroline de Lisser

Thank you for responding to our call..Vogel on Vogelers….Marcel Vogel (!) Yes me.

This information just in for us Vogelers…Trust your gut instincts..literally Vogel on Vogel. Bright for you are the Light…Shine on Shine Strong…Lights on Rocks on LOVE ON..are you wearing your vogel today?? Just Asking from God myself…
Dear Vogelers Please read this here as to insight of our Divine Oneness of all things one. I, Maria, am inspired and guided to share this reading with you today. I am told each one of you will take from it what you are to take and live and learn. Know we are all loved.

and this one too…off to the beach….catch me seaside !!!!

VISIT THE SEASIDE…. If you’ve ever wondered why we always sleep more soundly after spending the day on the beach, it’s because of the sea air. Just like the salt crystal lamps, the salty sea air is charged with healthy negative ions. Negative ions also balance levels of seratonin, a body chemical linked with mood and stress which is partly why you feel more alert, relaxed and energized after a holiday.

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Today I am instructed to add more information about eating close to the earth as well as spending more time in the Sun.

It is about increasing the vibration of the body. Eating foods that are closer to nature or natural raises the vibration of the body because they themselves are of higher vibrations. Eating foods of higher vibrations raise our bodies to higher vibrations. Higher vibrational rates increase life force. Increased life force increase life flow. Increased life flow improves mental, physical and spiritual health. All of this increases the rate of reaching the pure, divine natural state of our DNA .

Get out into the sunlight for no less than twenty minutes a day to activate the Pineal gland as well as to raise our vibration to the Sun light’s vibration which is life force stimulation at its best. Sunlight is the “ultimate creative force guided by God’s intelligence” (B.Jensen Ph.D.)

Each of us is a unique finger print of God’s own imprint upon our souls. This unique soul expression is stimulated to self expression via sunlight; The God source of our creation.

Our soul expression is stirred and stimulated to life force via sunlight. Use sunlight to express your soul print. Create as you were created expressing this creation with the help of sunlight upon the Pineal Gland. Let the sunshine in so you shine your bright lights in your reality. Let the sunshine stimulate your Pineal Gland to see all that is within for self expression without.

Foods closer to the earth have sunlight vibration within them. As we intake this higher sunlight vibration life force, we biochemically process this into our DNA and so much more, creating a higher vibrational life force within. The more with in ourselves, the more our higher vibration is expressed without. This higher vibration creates higher consciousness, creating better health in mind, body, soul. You are the AT-ONE-MENT.

Vibrate in this oneness through processing sun and nature attaining original Divine Created State of this AT-ONE-MENT.

Food is more than just the proteins, fibers, fats, vitamins of that we know. Food is a level of deep thought. If we want to raise our bodies’ vibration we must go to the food vibrations our bodies want to achieve natural DNA and RNA perfection. All vibrations affect our body, our thoughts, our emotions. When we harmonize what we put in our body with our body we bring energy into concert for harmony health and balance.

Become present and aware of that which we eat on all levels of all our existence. We are what we eat. Eat naturally. Eat the rainbow to insure you are getting a wide variety of all the chemical elements our bodies need to stay healthy and balanced. Vogel on.

Thank you for reading today’s message. Vogel on..You are Vogeling perfectly and beautifully to DNA Process and Activation.Trust in your process. It is Divinely perfect.

Namaste. Love in God from God.

This just in from Facebook and guided to share as this supports what you have all just read. DNA Activation and Repair Process is coming to us all in many ways. Namaste Lights on ROcks on LOVE ON. Mariaceleste

**Intense Shift** Once we recognize the patterns leaving our system, it could be very intense to see ourselves in a different energetic level. This is not only happening on a consciousness level; as we know it happens physically as well. It is like loosing so much weight at once and our system feels imbalance. We find ourselves eating little or so much in between. When we feel we are in the void; we feel lethargic. Our bodies feel the intense shifts that keep us feeling edgy, unfocused, blurry vision, sleeping long hours, muscle pains, headaches, dry skin, dry throats and heavy respiratory problems…etc. We are flushing out old energies that our system feels so tired even without doing anything physically; the body needs more rest, walking and stretching, drinking more filtered water, meditating and listen to the changes (the vibrations ) within…so we can be guided on taking the next step. Again mentally we are experiencing intense “hard angles” that I have mentioned in my last post. The more we do the breathing and stay in NOW techniques, the less the chaos will be. It is time to be a higher observant instead panicking about what we need to do next. Going with the flow with these intense waves will be easier for us to cope with it. We are also practicing to be our own guides, best friend, healer, rescuer where we are used to focus and expect these from outside. NOW we are collecting our own energies from those patterns that has kept us addicted, obsessive and follower to stay in that powerlessness. We are claiming our own sovereignty. And we are holding our own hands learning what needs to be done to keep it healthy and balance. Just keep visualizing how much energy (old & leftover) you are letting go from your whole system. When you feel low in energy; visualize you are taking your energy back once it was taken from you without your permission. Claim it and with breathing very deeply; visualize that it is assisting you to ground your energy instead keeping you floating. More and more you claim your energy and cutting the cords with the old energies (the old patterns and system) you will feel more balanced and grounding. Mind, Body and Your whole system will recognize the shift and work together to make the transition easier. Sending consciously love and light to your whole system with a balanced intention will raise your vibration and consciousness level. It will take the transformation to a higher level. Love, D”

And the posts keep affirming … From Facebook 12.6.2013:

“~ Early 2014 – Shift in the collective reality ~ Beloved Light Tribe, the moment of revelation has presented. Gaia is taking off the mask to reveal her 4D shift in early 2014. Awakened or not, here she comes. At long last, mass awakening is about to begin. The photonic light waves penetrating the planet will continue to increase in intensity. By the end of December, the Ascending to 5D tribe will experience deep shifts in consciousness, with major amplifications from January through March equinox. These are unique to your level of light and willingness to engage with the unknown. The unawakened collective will (finally) see unusual changes – and start questioning their reality. I sense most will be distracted by Earth changes or personal phenomena before they realize Unity is the goal of this evolutionary passage, however great waves of awakening are expected in early 2014. Mass Awakening to Light Photonic evolution targets our perception, dissolving the self-imposed veils. At this juncture, Unity is best served by collective experience. It is up to the Ascending collective to demonstrate that the Shift is about Love, Compassion and Oneness. Wayshowers, we must focus on Love. Heightened emotional states triggered in the collective will require balance on our part. Hold and radiate LOVE to all life on this planet. Be gentle, kind and patient. Be a pure conduit of Source Light Intelligence; generate a flow of Light from the God spark within. Keep the Heart center open and flowing through the internal Source-Point as the external aligns with the highest interests of all concerned. Magnetic Harmony Magnetic balancing is busy during this passage. Sensitives may feel it in the body as vertigo, dizziness or nausea. Gaia experiences shifts in her plates and grid systems, and the elementals respond with weather intended to balance. Multiple magnetic balancing points were created by many light teams throughout 2012-2013. They provide options for erratic electro-magnetic flows; multiple points for magnetic surges to gravitate to, rather than a limited choice of North and South poles. The sacred sites, vortexes, and portals on the surface of the planet will assist in directing the new light to these new magnetic balancing points. Some sites are already serving as balancing points themselves. The intention with this system – and many other systems which were implemented for this passage – is to provide as smooth a journey as possible for Gaia, Humanity and the Kingdoms. While it would be beautiful to sail through the photon belt without Earth changes altogether, shifts must occur. They may appear dramatic to those unaware of these compassionate efforts. Weep with Joy, Dear Light Tribe As powerful as the last three months have been for the Ascension tribe, we are in for a whole lot more. Accelerations of this magnitude take conscious choice from moment to moment. Beyond being present, be Presence. The grace and power of your true self is being revealed; integrate it as it presents for you. True integration means a permanent change. Denial of the truth is no longer tolerated on both personal and planetary levels. Don’t let your lower levels torture you if they cling to what was; surrender to who you truly are as it is revealed. Expansion of consciousness can get overwhelming as these new levels of light turn up the volume. Breathe, know all is well, find the love (not the drama) in these upgrades. One-way Departure The Ascending tribe is experiencing deep revelations, dimensional bleed-through phenomena, profound stillness and sensations of departure. Remember this is a permanent departure from the past. The Collective intuition senses that the 3D platform is no longer there, which triggers stability issues. Keep the personal and collective psychological affects in balance by breathing in acceptance of change, staying open to the flow of the Shift and focusing on heart intelligence. This light can be overwhelming; simplify wherever you can. The December – March Shift will be brilliant and challenging. Remain calm and centered in your Heart-stream. Anchor love, peace and compassion with every conversation, every action, every thought. Let us unite as shining examples of what Ascension is all about. Guide everyone around you to the Light by demonstrating how beautiful it is to embody the highest Love. – Sandra Walter Early 2014: Shift of Collective Reality December 6, 2013 Articles & Updates Sandra Walter

Oh my gosh I get so excited when I receive affirmations. No matter how long I do this work for affirmations tickle me happy….here we go this just in!!! Tears of humility fill my heart…affirmation “I am worthy of my gifts to shine brightly for all the world to see”. ( see entry November 24, 2013)

From Facebook 12.7.13 “Be prepared for massive energy changes – the next wave is upon us… And it is coming from the Lion Portal and Sirius…Pleiades…. Andromeda… Arcturius….Bear Constellation…. what used to be Lyra where the Lion people from Sirius originated from…. and from deep within the core of our own Milky Way Galaxy…. The Earth energies are truly moving now…. and so are the cosmic ones… the greatest shift in human histories is upon us. Those who have ears – hear. Those who have eyes – see. (Judith Kusel)”

December 7, 2013 Adjunct Day 3

Dear Vogelers and Guests…as always it is my pleasure to serve you as God commands. Thank you for accepting this journey. Thank you for accepting the responsibility that comes with this journey. We are continuing awakening into our AT-ONE-MENT. I already know there is Part lll and more to come.

I must get this out to you. I am to get this to the present Vogelers today. The public will receive this shortly.

Please always know that Spirit and I love you enormously.

Lights on Rocks on LOVE ON!!!

Humbly in serve….
This information may be shared so long as proper credit is given. Copyrighted 2013 Thank you.

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