Maria’s 28-Day Vogel Meditation
DNA Activation and Repair Process Part I

The 28 day meditations contained here within have been channeled to Maria. This is provided free for your personal and planetary transformation.
Vogels may be purchased by contacting Maria Celeste. She will intuitively and energetically select the proper one for you.

Vogels are Universal Light Source. Vogels are for Universal Light Energy. Their geometrically designed structures connect Source to Soul. This connection is Universal Light Source. This connection to Universal Light Source aligns the DNA to Source, Our Original Soul Structure Creation. This Soul Source Connection reformats us to our original structure so we remember in whose image we are created. It is in this created image that all things are possible. It is time to remember we are Infinite Possibilities. This alignment to Source, through wearing of the Vogels, aligns our DNA so as to spin in wholeness and to reunite to all strands previously lost. This alignment of the spin reactivates the two strands that were previously made dormant and repairs to perfection the 6 strands that were broken when man separated from Source, God Divine Director, Universal Light Source.

They are to be worn so we align our EMF’s ( ElectroMagnetic Field) with our Divine EMF. This alignment allows us to be in alignment with all our bodies so we become THE AT-ONE-MENT with Our Selves, Our Soul, and the Divine.

Wearing Crystal Vogels realigns our soul to fit in our bodies so we can be the Human Crystal we are. The body is finite. The Soul is The Infinite. So the frequency vibration of the two must come into resonance. The body’s frequency vibration needs to be attuned so Infinite frequency vibrations resonates properly in the body’s finite dimension without the loss of Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Connection, Infinite Capabilities. Proper DNA Activation Process supports Soul frequency alignment and attunement to Infinite Source.

Simply wearing the Vogel over the thyroid/thalamus area of the body, realigns the body’s meridians and chakras and EM fields to automatically balance and resonate to Divine Spin. Everything has a Divine Spin. (This is why you love to spin as children. Spinning reconnects to the Divine Spin.) As you spin, you shift the spin of the Universe. This is why you bought 193 of the little ones. People are to wear them to realign. People, Humans are to wear them to realign, balance and heal their own personal merkabas. Personal merkabas interact with other merkabas. As one merkaba shifts and realigns, the Law of Resonance is at work so all with whom we associate merkaba’s will shift into resonance. As you align and repair, your frequency changes so that when you touch and interact with other merkabas, others can realign and repair through resonance. Free will prevails always dear ones. You are all important to creating the Universal Shift, one wearer at a time. As you realign and shift your frequency to Divine Frequency, others will realign and shift with you, creating Heaven on Earth once again. You are important. We thank you for responding to your call.

It takes 21 to 28 days of wearing and sleeping with it near or next to your head.

Vogel Stats Summary:

Drivers of Energy:

  • Small point is Feminine
  • Large point is Masculine
  • Energy flows in both directions
  • Energy flow into small end, magnifies energy
  • Energy flow into large end, concentrates, softens, and calms the energy.
  • Meditation: use one in either hand, opposite points to circulate universal
    light force in meditation. This is important for light workers: New
    information coming in, trust what you get even if it is new
  • Tape Vogel over third eye for meditation creating a triangle of heads to
    hands, creating a triad energy flow: life force natural DNA realignment merkaba
  • Some Vogels are masculine, some feminine. Both channel male
    and female energies

We help channel life force. We are life force magnified. Work with us to help reveal the truths of the veil of DNA and the veil around the Milky Way.

We have come to you this way to make revealed the shroud of secrecy of humanity to realign that which was unaligned. Your strands of DNA have been shrouded and 2 sit dormant, 6 broken to keep you separated from the Divine Life Source. We are coming now more to the Earth Plane to return to you your 2 strands. Indigo children were the start. That is why they are more sensitive and their color is a bit bluer…more blood from 2 more strands. The 6 broken have been floating around in your bodies freely and easily causing disease. They are slowly, with every meditation, being repaired and returned to wholeness.

The more one meditates with these Vogels, the faster the repairs are being made. Know that both your physical and etheric DNA strands are being repaired, activated and restored to Divine Source.
Light workers will find they work with different energies as they meditate with DNA awareness of realignment and activation. They will also find their habits change and what you would consider to become better, you do become better…better energies all around. Food better, friends better, emotions better, better body, better! Better everything!!!

Play with us and our energies…nothing is set in stone. (Ha ha, get it, nothing is set in stone.) We are here to learn with you as you learn.

A side note we add…we love humor so please give yourselves permission to humor it up (*). Laughter heals the Soul on so many levels. We invite you to laugh daily. Smile lines are more beautiful than frown lines so laugh line it up !!! When you smile, we smile, I smile. Smile with me please for you are my joys. Feel me smile in your heart when you smile like the warmth of the sea on your toes and the Sun on your faces. It is me smiling with you. Primus State – Heart Resonance…meditate…wear 21 days and sleep with us next to your bed near your head. We will activate, attune and bring you into frequency with The Crystal Human Light Being you are

We are the embodiment of the I AM Life Source. Time to rise and shine light workers of the world…open up – realign – activate – shine on – rev up – activate – realign – align – balance – activate – DNA realignment, repair – DNA commence “START YOUR ENGINES” (We just had to say this as our instrument is in Indiana the land of the Indianapolis 500… vroom vroom!!!).

Shine for all the world to see. Okay. So we shall repeat..see we are controlling your writing better today aren’t we?…thank you yes…we are and we love working on the earth plane with you.

Marcel Vogel loves you all and is working with ALL, yes ALL Vogels from the other side…we will talk more about this later…ok…meditation ..21 days of active wearing in your awake hours. In sleep hours, place near head on head board or on night stand..for those of you in water beds or futons next to your head on the floor or stand is just grand. No, not in shower or in sport. After 21 days, keep near you so you see us each day, then each of you will know what to do by feeling!

Please also try to meditate with us at least 20 minutes a day. Holding us is ok. Third eye placement is better. Best is our triad configuration head and two hands. You can get more elaborate with the grids and arrays around you but then this is costly but amazing energies. Try it..Maria set up a Vogel crystal room!!!! Yes Seraphim Bey!!!…Keep some Vogels just for this room; your two amethyst and very large Vogel.

The last three minutes of meditation; put Vogel(s) over heart center mid chest rib cage. This opens your heart center while connecting you to the grid of the earth heart center so as to attune and set the frequency and resonance of your EMF’s to Earth’s EMF so you and Earth spin and beat as one. This triad of Vogel energies is strengthening your grounding cords to the heart of the Earth’s core deep into the fire and passion of heart. This connection helps with keeping Mother Gaia in balance and realignment with all the new energies coming in. It also helps Mother Gaia release her

Dear Children of the Earth; Dear Light Workers; Wearer of the Vogels; we have come to all of you this day to tell you how very loved, cherished, important and critical you are to the health and well-being of yourselves, us, Planet Earth, The StarSeed Planetary Counsel and all the other entities and energies of the Highest White Light Brotherhood. You all get channeled and channel…you are very busy people……Can we say “meditate so you can hear us”? We said it please accept our invitation to meditate. Meditation is truly important for you wearers of the Vogels. Meditation helps to shift your consciousness into true unconditional love But if Only for YOURSELVES.
You beings are always telling others they are loved. STOP…..LOOK….LISTEN. Please tell yourselves you love yourselves too, for if you refrain from making the shift into love…love of self….how can we all possibly shift the world into world peace???? Really, do you think this shift can happen without you all shifting into true self-love? Come now into oneness with one’s own self love resonance. If for only a powerful aid, Naisha Ahsian’s Primus meditation is a very important aid to help shift and shift human and planetary consciousness to love resonance.
Please practice meditation everyday so you, through the quietness of your own mind, your own self can shift your self to peace, love, joy, harmony resonance. For when you are in resonance with heart and love, the self shifts at cellular levels to love. Cellular levels shifts make shifts permanent shifts. When self shifts, all those with whom you come into contact with shift into same love resonance. This is the same as we spoke about with your merkabas interacting with other merkabas. The law of resonance states when two energies interact a shift will occur so that the energies will shift to the same frequencies. Their vibrations must come into a state of resonance or harmonic vibration. The Law of Attraction results from Law of

Resonance. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. Shift as shift does. (Yes this is Chief Golden Bear now)… This is why you heard a different voice in your head!. We are here to help you progress…you and earth beings…you good instrument…you practice Primus…keep practicing…daily…you shift Vogel energy to many people. You meditate with Vogels…..Vogels infused with Primus DNA love activation energies. Many people shift with your shifting.

Vogels charged with DNA Activation Process, bringing wearer back to perfect alignment, new strand activation…not new …realigned re-activated and 6 strands broken mending. Ray Pinto and Marcel Vogel work with Universal Light Consciousness in Vogel designs. But know all Vogels, yes all Vogels bring in Universal Light Consciousness. One equally good and grand as other. All Vogel intentions are pure and true to channeling Universal Light Consciousness and most importantly DNA Activation Process, alignment, realignment, repair. Repair especially in the heart center energy. This is why last three minutes of your 20 minute meditation is to place Vogel over your heart center. Place close to heart….open up more…More energies directly to heart with hand chakras receiving and giving over heart. We are so clever in helping you (!) He laughs and chuckles…We love you all and ask of you to love yourselves…be gentle….be kind…to self especially. Listen to the word’s one speaks to self so hard so unkind….not true…graciously accept the beauty of your self that others so clearly see…we see…see yourselves clearly as beings of Universal Light Consciousness and light…Open eyes …Look in mirror…tell self you love self and mean it!!! Look directly into your eyes and tell yourself I AM LOVE, I AM LOVABLE, I AM LOVING 8 times for 8 days 3 times a day..wearing or holding the Vogel. This will assist in deep cellular and DNA Activation Process for self love. When self loves self, everything else is easy. When self loves self, everything good and grand …manifest easy. Time up today..GO LOVE SELF..AHO…HO HO !!!! (he laughs again) Chief Golden Bear steps back… off to love self as I have been directed…

“Listen to the little voices inside. This is where self love begins” CGB Universal Light Source..Self love starts here – in self

Light Workers Unite. We ask you to refrain from sugar, unless you need to ground. “Keep diet pure,” Chief Golden Bear. “ I come to greet you this Saturday. We no have days here. Earth Plane have days. Funny time boxes. We eternal and spacial. You linear and boxed in. Let go of walls. No limits to space and what you can do. Vogels help you move out of time and space constraints. Look beyond with your unseen eye to another world where truth prevails. Truth is coming fast and strong to the Earth Plane. New energies shifting and realigning DNA so everything more pure. This is why we need light workers to eat healthier. Eat more close to the Earth.
As new energies come in to lighten realign and activate, denser energies will panic more. In their fear based panic, they act up more. So we need you to activate more to help these fear based energies dissolve into your higher frequency (Law of Resonance again). We need you to resonate higher so you pull them higher. Primus State heart energy state-meditate to get here.
Your bright lights will and are over shadowing (oops cannot spell) the denser fear based energies. Your higher frequencies will dissipate and dissolve the denser energies through high frequency integration and resonance. The Law of Resonance..(Maria insert law here later…..rewrite the law here). The Law of Resonance states when two energies interact a shift will occur so that the energies will shift to the same frequencies. Their vibrations must come into a state of resonance or harmonic vibration. The Law of Attraction results from Law of Resonance.

Working with Vogels for DNA Activation Process truly raises your frequencies at which you vibrate. The higher and faster you vibrate, the higher and faster those around and about you will vibrate and vacillate. “WE have spin party!” CGB laughs. Why do you think so many people do spin class? This physical activity helps with the bodily fluids to vacillate and spin at a higher vibration. Sufis, children spinning, bike spinning, twirling, all important to help facilitate the repair and activation of DNA. Get off the couch and into the swing of things. Swing more. Movement creates action, action creates results. We support you in creating results. Whatever you need to do to activate your physical body, we are here to support you.

You must attune your physical body to DNA Activation Process scale. “Let’s get Physical!” We need power house to build power house. Your body is your temple for the DNA Activation Process. Strong DNA needs strong bodies. Get strong. However this looks and feels to you, get strong. Every body different. Every body strong different. You get body strong for you. You strong. Be strong. Show strength. Physical strength is part of the beauty you are all encoded with. You all got lazy. Go outside and breathe the air, feel the wind blow on face. Taste the air, smell the air, BE the air. Namaste

GOD Morning Sunday
Rise and Shine Oh faithful servant
Disciple and Light worker
Vogel Messenger of the New Age 2012
Lots of work
Lots of energies
Keeper of the crystals for new adoption
Welcome to your soul purpose….helping others find soul.

The new use of these Vogels is to activate DNA so more of you can step into soul. When you step into soul, you step into power and purpose. Stepping into power and purpose shifts oneself into joy and peace and unconditional love, limitless comfort and limitless self confidence, self-worth and empowerment; particularly important for the female energies. Using Vogels in meditation is doing nothing but letting yourselves be activated by the movement and realignment of your DNA. We turn you on! Get it.? (This is a funny HaHa) Turn on your light from under the bushel basket for all the world to see. This is what we are doing; turning on your lights for all the world to see. There will be a brightness in the eyes, a lightness in your step; in your walk. The foods you eat will be lighter and closer to the earth. Yes, red meat is ok. Why do you think God, I, gave you meat, fish and chicken? I give them for your protein supply. All men/women hunt for meat. “Meat ok”, says CGB. “ You can eat meat, nothing wrong. Just know too much of anything is harmful”.

Too much water…flood,
Too much wind….hurricane..tornado,
Too much heat…fire,
Too much earth…landslide,
Too much too much…storm.

Yet after storm, newness. So enjoy the storm. Storm cleans up messes. So stop messing around, storm stop. Be in joy. Be in self-love. Be in meditation so DNA Activation Process can occur. 20/minutes a day for 21 days for DNA Activation Process, alignment and realignment.

We stand back. Our instrument must meditate in quiet today for remainder of time. We activate DNA.

AHO. Namaste with great love and light, Your Divine Director. Thank you all for coming today. Listen to your inner self. This is the first plans…Self -love starts. Honor self and the universe will honor with you . “Respect yourself!” AHO, CGB.

Not much words today. Rest into quiet so we will more activate your DNA and repair 6 broken wings (yes strands). The 6 broken strands gave you power to fly, shape shift, connection to the Divine Source. Knowledge was broken so this connection is harder for you to recognize. Yet as we repair these 6 broken strands with Vogel meditation and wearing, your knowledge of your connection as Divine Source, Eternal Life, Eternal Wisdom, Universal Light
Source, limitless possibilities, all these things you all on earth call new age modalities or thought, all these “ideas” or words of wisdom are becoming stronger and more known as truths because more of you are working with Vogel energies.

The more we work with Vogel energies, yes we too, the more you, the more we, all shift consciousness bringing Heaven on Earth. “Now my dear loved instrument, meditate so we may download to you your DNA Activation Process and repair “app” (HAHA)”, Chief Golden Bear.

Due to quiet need of our instrument, today’s channeling is our download to her in quiet. Thank you for understanding but we need to download for her in quiet as we do for each of you during your Vogel mediation times. Thank you for coming today. Namaste…
Grid Array Layout with Vogels for DNA Activation Process:

One on head.
One in each hand.
Giant one between feet female point out.
One at each toe set one point, in one point out.

As I, Maria, set this grid, as instructed, my toes tingled and became very grounded into earth. This grounding moved into my hips, then up my spine into the base of my neck. Oh My Gosh. The electrical charge is very pulling, grounding, expansive in my body. This charge feels very peaceful and realigning. I breathe calmly and deeply into my belly. My spine aligns. My heart field is expanding. The top of my head is opening up like an ovary spewing out eggs. Gorgeous golden hued light spews out of the top of my head and from my spine into the earth. I see my golden cord of Divine Connection. So many lovely new energies.

….draw picture…

I am told this is the solid beam of God’s direct love mainlined into my spinal fluid. GDD.

(As I type this in, I am told that at my Vogel Presentations, I am to set everyone for 21 seconds in this grid. They are to sit on sacred carpet in a Satyi Mani Quartz array around them consisting of 28 pieces for the inner circle, then with 14 black tourmalines around this, with an outer circle of 7 rose quartz.

Set up two circles, so that while one is processing another is setting….get help …and all are to be quiet and angel music playing.)

Good Morning Vogelers. Must make you all more green. What people must realize is Mother Earth corrects all your ways, one way, one day. All this warming is a natural cycle which all of Mother Earth is handling. The warming of the climates has nothing to do with the Earth’s environment. It is all about your internal and political environments. You are all heating up. You have too much fire in your bellies. You must all learn to ground your energies at both ends of your bodies. You have all gotten too focused on the body on the material world. All this heat has been created. Remember we said earlier to eat closer to the earth.

Eating closer to the earth will help you dissipate some of your heat and ground you into the earth from your earth-heart seat to your heaven-soul seat connections. Eat your rainbow so your internal body heats calm and cool. Drink much more water. “Drink up a storm!”, so all the toxins will flood out of your bodies. As we flush Mother Earth with water, flush your bodies with water. Also please drink water, not coffee, tea or soda, nor those sugar waters. Drink good ole plain God earth water. Water helps Ph balance the body, so please drink more water.

The Vogels will help direct toxins out of the body during your 21 day cycle of meditation. During these 21 days, please try to drink 21 glasses of water at the very minimum. This is only 21 glasses of water a day. We think you can all do this. This will flush out stagnation as the DNA Activation Process activates through you. 21 glasses of water for 21 days. You decide 21 a day or 21, one for each day. It is all perfect. It is all important to the process. Drink water we ask please.

You are very sedentary beings compared to your past beings. Exercising would help the activation process. Exercise will and does act as a pumping vehicle. It is all so very good for brain function. Activation of the DNA will stimulate activation of the physical body on which the DNA Activation Process is occurring. So please over your 21 day activation meditations try to include no less than 21 minutes of physical exercise per day. Our instrument, by her job alone, gets 21 minutes a day of physical activity. Yet she goes to the gym or works outside. She understands the importance of being outside. She will share this with you for Soul, Earth Body connection. So please do your very best to get outside for 21 minutes during your 21 days. Even if it is just to walk your dogs. When you are outside, be aware there is no obstacle breaking your earth-heart, heaven-soul connections. Clear shot to infinity unless you are in a tree house.

We like when you all go to the beach. You all consciously or subconsciously realize, connect, and become the infinite source when you are at the beach. I think it is one of my most beautiful creations. Don’t you? I do thank you very much. Next time you are at the ocean’s edge, know it is my pride and joy next to you and your soul. It is a true reflection of the infiniteness of Our Oneness in Infinite Source which I AM exists is and so you are THE I AM.

Tashi Delek, AHO. Your Divine Infinite Creator, The Divine Director God

Good morning! Our instrument has been very busy, so once again we will be brief. Today so many of our Vogel tools will find homes this weekend. So briefly we will be telling you more about the direction of the tool and the direction of energies as you wear them.

Wear the small point down the body. This point directs the flow of energy directly down the center via the heart realigning the chakras to open up to take on the new energies of the DNA Activation Process. As the chakras align and open, all of you will be able to wear the pendant more comfortably. Most of you can. Be patient as you are learning so much on all levels and planes of your beings. Realigning the energies of your chakras affords us to send more energies via the Vogels to empower your physical bodies to take more energy. The more energy you take on, the more shifting, spinning of your DNA occurs. The more spinning the more realigning and repair takes place. The more realignment and repair that occurs the more deeply into all your bodies this shift occurs. The more you shift, the more you shift. Sit quietly and know the shift is occurring. 21 days. Namaste. Enjoy your new energies. Watch where they take we (you). We are close. Love God,Jesus, Mary, Joseph.

Intelligence channels:

21 days to activate
Know these crystals love working with you
Feel their joy
Carry on Oh so faithful ones, carry on.

The Vogels are intelligence channels. Know you are becoming more intelligent and seeing things on different dimensions. It really is really happening. Exciting we think!!! Intelligent on for know you are connected to Universal Light Source through the Vogel Mediation and DNA Activation Processes. You are remembering you are INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. Thank you for responding to our call and accepting your new responsibilities. We smile upon you for you are THE ONE, you are THE I AM. Namaste…The Great White Brotherhood of which you all are members.

Good morning loved one. Welcome to you this day again. Briefly as you are busy spreading the energies of DNA Activation Process; 21 days because it takes you 21 days to change a habit. 21 days because it totals 3. 3 for mind, body, spirit. 3 for as above so below. 3 because 7 days-mind, 7 days-body, 7 days-spirit. 21 divided by 3 is 7, the number of heaven!

Please keep these in the cages or free but in too tight a cage traps the flow of these first 21 days. The energy needs to flow out and around. Tight wrapping is like a belt around our lungs so please for the first 21 days keep us free and open. No harm done. We like to float. Remember that feeling of tight and trapped feeling you felt when you saw us; well that is what is happening to us. We are feeling shortness and tightness of breath. Remember how you gulped inside? Maria, help us, keep us free. “It’s too tight mom, it’s too tight. Help free us. Thanks. This is why you saw us. Please release us to breathe.”

Please keep us in the spiral cages which accentuates the DNA spiral movement or free in a bag. The spiral cage directs the spiral movement through the body, amplifying the energy power of the Vogel DNA Activation Process through your 5 bodies and mind and spirit. Enjoy the spin. You have the Vogel spin and the cage spin just like your DNA spinning within a spin. Just like your DNA strands. We directed Maria to these spindles. Usually our instrument is very open but we are directing her to stand strong in the spinal cage for 21 days. If you can’t, then carry in a bag with the male(large) point down. We recommend the spindle cage. (We will direct her to the story later in her physical presentations). Please do your best to keep it in the cage for 21 days. Thank you for listening to our recommendations. God bless you all for marching on. Love you all, Your Creative Divine Director.

Our instrument wants to meditate in stillness, we want her to write. We win!!! We’re bigger, stronger and she is learning to listen. Oh the work we create for her but she must know we are with her helping her, guiding her, directing her, and fueling her. She knows she is safe and we know her spirit is in a human body. Gorgeous one we might say and even more so because she is so unaware of it(!) Which we believe adds so much to her beauty. And yes for her self-confidence of where she is going. She is being strongly encouraged to say so in this writing. Trust you all. This is not easy for her to keep this written. Oh the webs we Spirit Guides, Masters and Teachers weave.

Ok let’s talk about the cage thing again. We never direct. We only strongly suggest. So here we are again to strongly suggest. Ok. You are asking, “We who?” We are God’s Army of Angels, Ascended Masters and Master Teacher. We are The White brotherhood and all of the above and God myself.

Today I, God is talking. Granted I speak on a lower vibration so my instrument will handle easily the vibration. We already have awakened her with a headache as she takes on a higher vibration. Yes this is one of the reasons she gets migraines as higher vibrations entering stretch the brain membrane and bingo! Headache. We have toned it down much too. So where were we? Telling you about the White Light. I AM the Divine Director Your Universal Consciousness. You have given me so many beautiful names. Funny God is spelled dog backwards and what is dog? Dog is man’s best friend. Yes God/Dog is man’s best friend. I want you all to know me as your best friend. My instrument, Maria Celeste Provenzano, as she was so beautifully baptized, always spoke to me as a loving child would to a best friend. She was deeply criticized and ridiculed for this. It was painful for her just like it was for Noah and Moses and Jesus and Rita, Sarah and David, Elijah. But they all held me as their best friend. Come know me as a best friend. It is part of your DNA Activation Process. To know who I am is to know your true self. We are one. We are never separate nor have we ever been. The illusion has kept us apart. It is now time to return. Thank you for coming home to me – your best friend.

The spiral cages are like trapping the energies to intensify their power of activation. Yet the cages have space through which the energy expands and spins and intensifies in the spiral shape just like the spiral of your DNA. I like the name coils. Yet we think of a better name; “Spirals”. But for now know the cage intensifies and contains the power of activation so that the energies come out the small point down your core center out our body.

So those of you who choose to refrain from caging the Vogel for 21 days, when you meditate, meditate for 21 days for 21 minutes per day preferably at the same time with them over the area of your thyroids. This will compliment the DNA Activation Process. For those of you who wear then in this area in the cages, Perfect! This is the preferred method of wearing your activation Vogels. You already are absorbing this energies in this area. We must tell you, it gives us great joy to have you all part of the waking up of mankind and the DNA Activation Process bringing heaven on earth.

Know you have all the crystals. Simply pack them. Your class will be very fun. You will be invited back many times. Enjoy the laughter. Know we are with you. Feel us and hear us for We are in command. Loving your parents in heaven. Mom, Dad, God.

Good morning beloved Maria Celeste, I AM Seraphim Bey. I have come to you today as Head of the Galactic Counsel of Wisdom Searchers Seekers and Advisors. The 21 day meditation with the Vogels for 21 minutes is asked and advised in addition to wearing them. The last 7 days is integration so please know for all new persons purchasing Vogels to wear, the DNA Activation Process is 28 days. The original first 53 for 21 days, or as they like 28 days. If they choose only 21 days, we will process the 7 days for them. They are links to the grid of Vogel DNA Activation Process. Let them know they are part of the master grid for them; 21 days, for all going forward 28 days from this day on. The 21 days of meditation plus and an additional 7 days integrations for a total of 28 days. Remember we said you will be advised of what to do ….here we are advising. Yes, it is grand if one chooses to start on a new moon cycle for 28 days. This intensifies the cycle energies with fluid movement due to gravity but in no way lessens the 28 day meditations of all who choose otherwise for their 28 day journey in the Vogel DNA Activation Process.

1st 53 (53 Vogel wearers see your list)
21 days wear
we integrate next 7
21 minutes meditate per day for 21 days
20 minutes of physical exercise of their choosing
Water every day
next 7 days integrate

New Buyers – New Activators on or after 3.6.2012
21 days: meditate 21 minutes
28 days: wear
7 last days: integration with meditation of their choosing
Water every day
20 minutes of physical activity for 28 days

What do we mean by meditate/wear them? We simply mean sit with them and actively be in thought of your oneness. During the day it is on you. Yet during the 21 minutes of meditation, sit with it in hand or on head; 21 minutes holding it or having it placed on head at or around the third eye locale. The first people were told to wear it for 21 days. They are to wear it, all are to wear it for 21 days minimum. They were told also to meditate with it for 21 days for 21 minutes. Yes you can meditate with past the 21/28 days. Please, the longer the better; Law of Resonance with all with whom you will associate. The more one practices, the more one becomes what one practices. Please practice on! We love it when you all meditate. We can communicate more directly with you when you are in quiet.

You humans are so fixed on exactness. Please trust dear ones. Trust us, but more importantly trust yourselves.

(Dear Instrument, When you teach this, tell the story about the St. Joseph statue in 1985 and your Greek teacher’s prayer ritual.)

She did tell the first DNA activators that after 21 days, you would all be told what to do. Well here we are telling you what we suggest you do; you may choose to wear it for another 7 days, knowing that DNA, Spiritual, Mental, and Physical integration is continuing to occur. First 21 days new energies, new frequencies were introduced into your beings, the next 7 days of this cycle is the integration of these energies and their associated frequencies into your being. This is occurring for you with or without them being worn. We do tell you though we like that you wear them and you will find you like wearing them. They are or have become best friends.

I have been told to insert this email to a client I shall call Rose. I wrote her explaining to her the answer to her question;

“What is DNA Activation Process and repair doing for me?”

Here is the answer I emailed back….

***We have two DNA strands that are not activated and 6 that are broken…the 2 not active are dormant and sleeping thus we are not processing at the highest levels of anything we can be ….activation allows us to advance on all levels because we have more of our conductivity cords activated….it is like trying to run a full house on less electricity. Lights are dim ..not everything can be run at the same time ….things that do run run slower…well this is us. We are not running on all our electrical impulses because they were deactivated and 6 broken which is why we get dis-ease… ….. who did this??? …. not God I can tell you this …maybe ourselves as original sin??? But we have free will and we are now demanding we be put back the way God made us…so DNA Activation Process and repair is like cleaning and fixing the older cars’ carburetors and spark plugs…we get to run at a higher frequency, process faster and smarter and remember who we are and that we were made in God’s image so we are getting our proper image back…***

28 Days total
21 days wear and meditate 21 minutes
Wear in spiral vibrational cages or alone in a bag with the point down.***

Know you are very loved. Thank you for listening. You are near and dear and important to the Mineral Kingdom. Enjoy class tonight. It will be very intimate and fun. Yes, we will guide you and channel information for you. Keep the recorder on. Take recorder so you will know what we have channeled you. Just an FYI dear one, girasol is the opalization of quartz, usually Rose Quartz but can be any quartz. The earth was moving and heated up, so the quartz was molten and fluid. It’s begun to purify it and melt the crystalline format/structure into small molecular structure.

I have been told to insert also this email to enforce the information channeled to us regarding keeping the Vogels in the open flow spiral cages rather than in a tight wrap.

This email was received Wednesday March 7th , 2012. Thank you.

*****Hi Maria Celeste,

I just wanted to drop you a note and again say thank you for sharing the Vogel crystal information you received. I know you said you were hesitant to interfere – but I’m really glad you did. I feel so honored to have you receive information for me – and to care enough to pass it along. Please know that it is appreciated. You have an amazing gift and are such an amazing person! I am so glad that I have gotten to know you as more than just the nice lady who sells cool stones at the GemStreet Show.
Thank you for your care, your love, your willingness to share your gifts, and for just being YOU! You are a very special person and I am SO glad that we met. Just a little extra information – I had faithfully been wearing my Vogel everyday – but it wasn’t the most comfortable piece of jewelry. For some reason it seemed pokey and I just couldn’t wait to get home each day and take it off. After your message, I came home and put it back in its original bead cage. It has felt SO much more comfortable to wear. It just feels happier. And I now hardly know it’s there (no poky-ness anymore). Just a verification of your information…..

Thank you again! Love Linda****

Thank you dear one for teaching. You have much to teach. Please remember people heal and learn simply with the sound of your voice we attuned many years ago. Remember the process in Bloomington, Indiana in the 90’s? We do. You are the blessed for your voice, not singing mind you, speaking. 21 days wear for DNA Activation Process with 20-21 minutes of meditation, 21 days of 20-21 minutes of exercise, preferably outside, 7 days integration for a 28 day cycle. Those that started before March 6th and if they have completed their 21 days before they receive this information, we are doing their integration for them even if they are not wearing the Vogel pendant. We are impressing them to wear it as most of them are feeling very connected to the energies of their newness. We will/are spiritually encouraging them to wear it. We will/are taking care of all of them. Please trust in this that we are. Please no worries. We have it covered as you say on Earth. At your center upstairs, we want you to get this information out, in other words; Teach this. After your talk in April, in Cleveland, organize a discussion in Indiana on the New Vogel DNA Activation Process and Information. You may have to do it several times. Charge $75 dollars. With this fee everyone gets a Vogel personally selected and charged for them by St. Germane and the White Brotherhood. Order more. We will guide you to the dates. See we told you. No worries; you will also get more Vogels. Thank you for being vigilant. We are here with you, supporting you and all of your Vogelers in this DNA Activation Process.

1). Vogel Class
2). Chakra Array Grid Class $20/class
3). The Vogel class is free with purchase of Vogel or $75 for Vogel and class is free.

More classes will be scheduled so hold still, rest well, eat well. You are all to eat closer to the earth. Fresh foods, meats. Please try to stay away from processed food and sugar. We are raising your vibrations and the purer your systems will be and thus easier to DNA activate and repair. The more they repair, the more they will repair. Humans, please trust. Trust we are activating and repairing. We love you all. You are important to us. Tomorrow information on Solar flares. Thank you for responding to our call. We love you. Remember this. Namaste AHO Seraphim Bey and God and Crew xoxoxoxo***

Italy trip – very important to connect to your ancient culture..passion..wisdom, make sure to pack following:

1. Brochure date
2. Journal book
3. Pens
4. Garmin
5. Italian Books/one ok
6. Vogel, Rubies. Moonstone. Tourmaline Bracelets…packet of Ten…to give them away.
7. Go to DaVinci’s last supper. Study it. Meditate it. There are messages there for you. You shall return dear one with much light to share. You learn Italian easily and you will teach here. Jesus’ family is still alive. Spread the word that the salvation of us is within. Vogel on! Universal Light You are the source so know it, be it, live it, feel it, share it. Bring it to the world for you are the one.

Many people, as we activate their DNA, will notice light-headedness, spinning sensation, ringing in the ears. Please know these sensations are infrequent and temporary. Your desire to eat closer to the earth is enormous. You see and feel your bodies reacting differently as you eat closer to the earth. You will sing a happier song in your energy field. You will sing a happier song in your feet. You will feel lighter and brighter. As we said many days ago, there will be a brightness to your eyes. Your hair will be stronger, thicker, and shinier. We know you all love to paint your hair. Be very mindful if I may ask, if we may ask: This counsel of 6 and 12, to do your best to refrain from painting your hair. The chemicals effect your DNA Activation Process. When you color, you add chemicals to the soft area of your brain. Just like fertilizer gets into your soul via food, these chemicals get into your skin, not so good, beautiful but not so good. As you activate, align and repair your DNA, your desire for truth is strengthened. This is why you will find you all moving to truth on all levels of your existences, in so many areas of your life, personal life, then into your world life. It is time for you to speak truth. Speak loud and clear. You are the instruments through which much is shifting to truth, honesty, wisdom, pure compassion, passion, humility. The 8 virtues are being made known through you as you live by example.

The 8 Virtues of Buddhism:

1. Filiality: As a son or daughter, it is your duty to be filial and compliant to your parents. By being filial and compliant, you are repaying your parents’ kindness for raising you.
2. Fraternal respect: As a younger sibling, you should be respectful to your elder siblings and to your elders, in order to repay their kindness.
3. Loyalty: As a citizen, it’s your duty to loyally serve the country, in order to repay the country’s kindness.
4. Trustworthiness: When you are with friends, you should be trustworthy and live up to your words. Your actions should be sincere and respectful, and you should not cause others to lose faith in you.
5. Propriety: This refers to etiquette. You should treat people courteously. If you are discourteous, then you are no better than a savage. Young friends, you should greet your teachers, elders, and parents with proper respect.
6. Righteousness: Be righteous in spirit and courageously do what should be done. When people are in difficulty, do your best to help them resolve their problems. Treat your friends with a sense of right and honor. Help them unconditionally, without ulterior motives.
7. Incorruptibility: This refers to being pure and honest. No matter what they see, incorruptible people are never greedy or opportunistic. Rather, they are public-spirited and unselfish.
8. A sense of shame: Never do anything that goes against reason and conscience. People who have no sense of shame are no better than beast.

The 10 commandments come to us from Exodus 20:1-17.

1. You shall have no other gods before me.
2. You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.
3. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.
4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your manservant, nor your maidservant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.
5. Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.
6. You shall not murder.
7. You shall not commit adultery.
8. You shall not steal.
9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”

You are putting God into everything. Again, you are remembering God is you and you are God. Act it, think it, feel it, be it. Stand strong in you and all you do. Know we stand with you in your daily lives, struggles, joys, feats, and challenges. There are no defeats. There are only lessons. Time to lesson up and move into total freedom. Remember please you are spirits in bodies. You are not bodies in spirits; not a body with a spirit, YOU ARE SOUL. This shift of your DNA with the wearing of the Vogel spiral spin is returning you, shifting you, empowering you to be Soul and to live your Soul Purpose. Live on little ones. Live on into the Great Ones you are.

Our instrument will be sent an editor for this brochure for English. Her mother in spirit was an English teacher as she stands very close telling us we need this to be properly edited according to the English traditions of language. She is a very stubborn English teacher we will say. No not stubborn, very demanding let’s say. Maria, your parents want you to know that they are very excited about your travel to Italy. It’ll be very magical. Watch for Teresa and Bill for they will appear as a couple, letting you know all is well and finished. Things are progressing and they are watching over the family. Enjoy the journey and get back to Mona Vie for your feet. You have much work coming to do on your feet. So continue to use Mona Vie and Advocare. These products are important for your stamina both oxoxoxox because we love you and these are great products as your body uses them efficiently and effectively. Mona Vie and Advocare helps with your circulation, helps with your feet, and strengthens the DNA Activation Process. See how long ago you started this. You started back in 2000,2001 with the DNA Activation Process at Mount Shasta. So make these products part of your daily routine. Sell them if you wish so others get the benefit of these drinks; the benefit of being close to the earth. They also help to stabilize Eric’s sugars via the day. Also continue to use cinnamon for him and his diabetes. Enjoy your day. Much is coming to you today with great abundance, joy and freedom. Thank you for coming to this meditation. Thank you for responding to our call. Love, St Germaine and Seraphim Bey.

Dear Beloveds, Today we are inserting a dialogue between Rose and an internationally acclaimed psychic from the Southwest of The USA. This conversation is being inserted as an affirmation to you all of regarding all this work. Please know this is all very true. The White Light of God is being inserted into and through you to activate and repair DNA strands that reside in you. Your energy fields are being strengthened repaired and enforced. The Solar flares are part of this strengthening and repairing. Solar flares are Angelic Winged Rays of God’s energy, My energy being sent, visibly, to your Earth Plane. The flares activate and strengthen everything about you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Awaken old wise ones. Remember Atlantis time and Lemurian time. These were the times of the gods. Well dear ones, you are the gods. Awaken to your truth. Welcome home to the Divine Source from which you come. Know you are the chosen ones to enlighten and awaken all of mankind. You know to whom you are because you are drawn to the Vogels. Carry One and enjoy the journey! Lighten Up (!) For you are the Light. Much joy is coming to you all along with much insight and ability to see all that is and isn’t within and without. Nothing Proud, just pure white light and love from God Above.

Here is the insert of an email exchange that took place between Rose and an internationally acclaimed medical intuitive.

“……Maria-to lead into the pieces of information about my field and the Vogel crystal, I will be giving you more information than you need, but you will see that it all fits in together. I had asked her to check on some

energetic healing that someone had done on me last year. She asked why I had it done because everything looked so good. Here’s what she said:

No you are really in good shape. I’m just getting that-I’m looking at your energy field. You have a nice-really good energy field. Are you doing something energetically? I don’t know –essences or is it oils? Are you doing something for your auric field because it’s nice and solid. Most people’s are not nice and solid.

Well I’m doing – I do Healing Touch and one of the things they taught us was to raise your vibration by doing the Hara Alignment Meditation.

Well, it’s working for you because when I look at people’s auric fields, normally I see breaks in the auric field and it tells me where there’s a break and in which system. Which one of the 12 systems are vulnerable-disease or anything that has set in. You have no breaks in your energy field. So keep doing what you are doing because it’s really powerful. #2 what I’m seeing in your energy field is a lot of green and green is healing. Not only are you creating a healing space for you, but you are also – well you are a healer. You are sending out healing energy. Are you actually doing that work – Healing Touch?

….. additional parts of the reading. Then me asking the question about the Vogel.

The other thing I want to ask you is someone gave me one of these necklaces that has a Vogel Crystal in it and it’s suppose to activate your DNA. Would that be helping at all with my field too?

You are saying it’s a crystal that you hold and it activates your DNA?

Well it’s a Vogel crystal, so it’s a quartz crystal and it’s in like this like spiral little necklace and you are supposed to wear it for 21 days straight and it’s

supposed to activate 2 strands of your DNA. I wondered how that’s affecting my system. If it’s good or bad.

No. It’s absolutely good. So what I’m seeing-are you wearing it currently?


The picture that I’m being shown of what’s it’s actually doing is it’s sending-it’s picking up a light spectrum that’s not visible to our eyes-our own normal eyes. But it’s picking up a light spectrum or a higher frequency-kind of light that is coming in and it’s empowering your DNA. It’s turning it back on. It’s helping you to remember who you truly are. Everything when Jesus came here and he walked on water, he healed the lame and all those things that are normal for human beings to do, that’s what it’s doing. Not that you will walk on water necessarily, but it really is activating you so that you can – it’s going to make you more sensitive when you are doing massage work on people. That’s how you are going to be reading their energy fields and picking up on what their emotions are and what if-what energies are suppressed and what they need to do. It’s going to allow you to be more of an intuitive counselor. So when your hands are on people-it’s kind of like your hands are a phone between you and them and it’s going to allow you to pick up information. You are going to be doing intuitive readings on people.

…….talked a little bit more about massage school and flower essences…..

then she said-

……But going back to the Vogel crystal. Why take it off after 21 days? Do you own it? Can you continue to wear it period.

Yes. It’s mine. It’s just after 21 days your 2 DNA strands are supposed to be connected.

I would keep it on. That’s wonderful. I would love to buy one myself. That’s awesome.

I can tell you where to get it.

Where do I get it?

I can send you the information. It’s Maria Celeste. She owns Gems by Celestial Dancer. I can email you the address and stuff. You email me the address. I would love to get one.

I didn’t realize you could even wear Vogel crystals. Normally, I’ve seen them and they are large. People use them as a healing wand. Right?

That’s great that you have one the size that you can wear. I see that by wearing that Vogel Crystal-honestly that’s why your energy field is so solid. I mean you are just radiating a very-a consistent – now most people’s auric fields aren’t consistent. Most of them have breaks. You have this consistency. It’s very – it’s the same size all the way around you. Which is unusual. And it’s solid. So that crystal is keeping you like that. So I wouldn’t take that crystal off. I would be wearing that crystal all the time.

Okay. I’m going to take the crystal off and I want you to tell me if my field changes. Okay I took it off.

It’s a – the consistency is still there. It looks like the light-instantly -it’s like you turned off a light. Like literally. It’s as though the integrity is there, but the light is not there. Okay.

Put it back on because it’s the equivalent as you are tuning into a light spectrum that is a higher vibration that is going to keep making you stronger and more effective as a healer and an intuitive-you know working with people. That’s really awesome. That’s a powerful crystal. Cool.
It really is. I haven’t seen anything like that, so I’m excited to get the information because I want to get one myself. Yes, that’s very powerful crystal. Wonderful. Absolutely.***

Thank you for reading this information. This is what we are doing for you all . So now you all have a better understanding of what happens when you wear the Vogels with pride and confidence. The Vogels are the mainline to God’s Infinite Love, Energies, Powers and Infinite Possibilities of the Light. Welcome home to your original state. Love and Light from me, God, Your Divine Director, Your Creative CO-nsciousness, Your Creative Divine DIrector, Your Ultimate Source and Being. You are the I AM. Live the IAM. Be the IAM. Breath the IAM. Feel the IAM. Know the IAM. Sense the IAM. Smell the IAM. Eat the IAM. IT is all the IAM. BE IT for YOU ARE; Sacred Ones Most High.

Thank you for responding to my call. Namaste, God: Great Divine Director.

God Morning, Dear Beloved Instrument, so much pulls at you in so many directions. Please know this is all very real: the realigning and activation of the DNA so that the human species can be repaired to how I made you. You ask who did this and why was this done to your DNA? Simply know mythology is very real. You were all once gods and the gods got mad and jealous and separated from me. In so separating, your DNA went dormant to keep from being connected to me. You gods argued and fought and in the fighting, the 6 strands of DNA, which means 12 helixes, were broken as the connection to the Infinite Source was denied, rejected and thus broken. The 6 strands disconnected and broke in disarray as this source to the Infinite disconnected.

You as gods broke the bonds. The 6 strands of DNA that have been broken were the 6 that connect your DNA to Source. Reconnective Healing is in part reconnecting DNA to Source. As your DNA repairs, it reconnects to me; Source. As you reconnect to Source, the dormant DNA activate themselves. It is these dormant strands that contain your memory bank information. Memory of you being connected to Source is contained in these two strands. As the 6 repair, so does your memory to whom you really are repairs. You remember you are gods and are connected to God Source. You were and are made in my image. The 2 strands contain this information. Yet as you disconnected from me, the two strands needed to be dormant so as to protect you from yourselves. The abuse of your powers would have been worse than they are today. There would be more greed, more hate, more fighting, more jealously. Knowledge of the separation from Source would have created more pull from Source. The more you knew of the separation, the more the separation would have played a part in your drive to avenge this separation. Yet as you awaken to your original state, you remember who you really are. Remember what Jesus said, “All I can do, you can do more of if you just have the faith of a mustard seed” (John 14:1-12). Well you are returning to knowing this kind of faith and abilities. As you remember, you repair and as you repair, you remember. The activation and repair happen simultaneously so as to support the activity of the other.

You will begin to hear more from the scientific community which supports all I have said here. Remember today is the day I made for rest and for dedication to me. In dedicating time to me, you dedicate time to who you are. Church, ocean, sky, mountains – Today, Sunday is the day of rest and appreciation for all the things you have and are. Please get back to a day of worship of the things that are great and grand in you. Sundays are a day of self love. Take time on Sundays to be with you, yourselves and I, to be with family and friends with me in all of these things. No work Sunday is a day of love and compassion that will take you through your work week. It is in worshipping me that you worship you. Get back to worshipping on Sundays for this reason. If in worshipping, you wish to go to church, understand the worship is the reconnection to source. The family dinner is the bond that keeps us strong: You shall go forth two by two. The family is the two (add the verse) …Sundays are reconnective days through worship. We have all lost this reconnection. Maria dear instrument; Start a Sunday worship group that fosters reconnection to Source and Source reconnection through family time and self time. It is time to get back to Sunday family dinners. My plan for this will unfold. I put this in your thought bank to brew so the ideas to create this foster, marinate and then come to flourish in reality, spreading reconnection to Source Sundays.

Something very special and powerful will come to you this day as an affirmation of all that you are. This is our way of keeping you connected to Source and saying thank you for stepping out into the world of Me, along with my other Ascended Masters. Welcome home dear ones. You are all Ascended Masters. Simply remember it (*). Thank you for responding to our call. Namaste, Your Divine Creator God…God….888

Travel well Dear ones. Travel well. Where ever you are, whatever you are doing, travel well. Know you are the light be the light. See the light that you all are. Be the light that you are. Shine the light. Teach the light. Love the light. Live the light. Eat the light. Where ever you go there you are -Dr Seuss!!! He was a very enlightened man. Remember you are the lights so shine them bright. The world needs you to shine to make the world shine brightly. Know you are the world’s salvation. Please know it, be it, live it, feel it, live it again and again as we need you all so very much to play your part in Lighting The World through The Vogel DNA Activation and Repair Process.

Let me talk about the Vogel spiral cage. The Vogel cages concentrates you and your energies for strength, courage, intuitiveness insight. As your DNA activates and repairs, so does your insight and attentiveness. You lighten up into oneness with, for, and as I AM. The cages gather, centralize, enforce and reenforce Source energies. As this happens within the spiral of the cages, the spiral cage directs, generates, stimulates, reenforces and further deepens the speed and frequencies of your DNA Helix spiral spin.

Wearing the Vogel is bringing you and your world into alignment with Universal Light, Universal intelligence, and Universal Oneness.

Be at peace dear loved ones. You are safe in your oneness with me.

Journey on. Travel on. Know you are the one. Be the One. As your DNA activates and repairs, you become more aligned with your Christ Consciousness. You are becoming the Christ Consciousness. You are remembering you are the Christ Consciousness. You Are the Eternal Fountains of Youth. For the eternal Fountain of Youth is contained within the 2 dormant and 6 broken DNA. As these strands align and repair, you return to your eternal youth. As Mary and the Ascended Masters never aged, you too shall never age. You shall all return to your 15 year old age looks. You have been searching for the eternal fountain of youth. For some, you have intuitively known it is within your spinal cord and it’s fluids. Well you are right. As the DNA repairs, this is where the Divine Crystalline Fluid fuels and connects the body to Eternal Infinite Source. The 6 repaired, previously broken DNA are the 6 strands for which the Divine Crystalline Prana of life feed and fuel the human body. This connection is being reconnected with the repair. People will begin to see the return of their “youthful glow” as the strands repairs into oneness and wholeness. You will be less sick and almost never sick once they are fully repaired. Eat close to the earth to facilitate, compliment and complete the process.

28 Days Vogel DNA Activation and Repair Process
1 -21 days … 21 minutes meditate
21 -28 days … integration
Enjoy the Enlightenment
Enjoy the reunion to that which you are(*)….Welcome to your Divine Being…Your Soul.

Thank you for responding to our call…Namaste God and the Gang of The White Brotherhood ..xoxoxoxo ***

Good Morning Vogelers – DNA Activators World Spirit Shifters – You are shifting space into infinite possibilities as it really is. Thank you for shifting and stepping into this role. Thank you for shifting into this newness of that which you already are. We appreciate your efforts, your dedication, your will power and prowess to shift energies for all of mankind and yourselves. As you do unto me, you do unto all. Thank you for undoing what was wronged so many many moons ago and do I mean many. Mankind has so long been separated from me. This makes me very sad that you are veiled from that which I made you to be; ”In My Image”. I made you to be another god but so many ages ago. They, your former selves, left me and thus left you separate from your maker, Me, God. I miss you all so much. Some of you know me more than others but you still think you are in some way separate. You are me. I made you. It is time for you to come home to me.

The Vogel spiral cage energies are realigning and activating your DNA strands. As the strands activate, they activate your knowledge bank; your wisdom center. These centers are the connection cords to your Divinity. With their activation, you now have recall to that from which you came and that which you are; Universal Light source. Wake up world. You are the Light Source. You are the Light Source. You are the Light Source.

Okay. Let’s spend a moment and say that, yes, if you are feeling a bit upset to the stomachs and having headaches, please know this is all part of the DNA shifting spinning into activation as well as the 6 strands being repaired. It is all part of the process of spinning you back into wholeness. Your physical systems are being attuned to a higher frequency and so as they do attune, their shift is creating a stir inside. Really, literally things are stirring inside. The DNA is spinning again and the 6 are spinning together rather than free floating parts. So as things become better, they are spinning at different frequencies. The spinning of the new frequencies, along with the additional DNA strands all spinning, are literally, creating quite a stir. This physical stir is creating your bodily fluids to shift and as they shift … BAMM!!! Your stomachs get upset. All this motion is a bit of a stir and thus motion sickness. Can you imagine what it would be like if you repaired and activated in just one day? Men, Women and Child would be overboard is our answer. So refrain from thinking of this process as happening. Know your upset stomachs shall pass as we are being gentle with you all. We need you, so it is a mild process.

Yes, you are getting a bit stomach queasy so know this is part of the DNA Activation and Repair Process. It is like going to a chiropractor after many years of muscle and bone dis-alignment; that for a few hours or days after the realignment, you feel stiffer and are more sore even though the bones are realigned and in proper place. This is very much they same with our DNA Activation and Repair Process: a bit of this newness causes a bit of a stir. As the fluids in the body are stirred and connected to The Infinite Source from which you are, it is like a choppy sea inside your skin. Oh Trust it. You will have calm seas again inside. Do enjoy the journey and rest in the knowledge that it is really happening. We also know that you in your human forms, you like evidence…here is your evidence….queasy stomachs and headaches. A human manifestation of the stirring effect our DNA Activation and Repair Process is occurring on the level of your bodily fluids. The DNA Activation and Repair Process is being felt in your physical bodies, as manifest in your bodily fluid functions. This is why drinking water is important. Water intake will help to stabilize your bodies’ fluids as well remove toxins. It is visually like mixing lemonade for the final sweet taste of Divine Infinite Honey; Your Divine Infinite Universal Light Source.

As an affirmation to the above shared knowledge and information, we advise you that Maria got a call yesterday from Linda. This is another Linda than the one that emailed about the cages. Linda (2) was asking about the 21 days. In their discussion, Maria told her to be aware of odd sensations that would be fleeting but present. Linda(2) confirmed that they had started yesterday. So you are all beginning to feel these in and around or about day 10. Please know it is not exactly the same for everyone. Be flexible here in thought. You humans make us laugh. You are such engineers of exactness and yet you accept such inexactness in too many areas. Expect perfection knowing perfection is imperfect. It is the imperfections that beauty is created. Let your beauty be created and love it so. Love yourselves as I do. I only make perfection and this is YOU.

Also you should be noticing that you are more insightful; that your thought is sharper and deeper, and that you are more intuitive and more intelligent. Moments of genius are becoming common occurrences. You are seeing behind the veil of things. Your perception on and of things is becoming sharper and different. You are not just seeing linearly but you are seeing dimensionally. Yes in your eye, you are seeing dimensionally so that the perception field has expanded. It is like you are wearing 3d glasses all the time. Thoughts are bigger, clearer, and deeper. You are seeing ideas behind the ideas. You are seeing the object behind the object.

You will see the person behind the person. You will see, feel, hear, smell, taste, touch and sense with so much more intensity and insightfulness. Your senses are all being heightened to infinite possibilities as your DNA activates and repairs itself to your GOD SOURCE-FULLNESS. Welcome home dear ones. Welcome home. I never left you. You were veiled. You can see and feel and perceive and think and create just like me now. Welcome home. Thank you for responding to our call. We love and adore you all. You are an integral part of the repair process for Mother Earth and the Milky Way Solar System. Namaste, AHO. Your Great Divine Director, God has spoken. Thank you humbly for listening. xoxoxo***888

Good Day All! Hoping you are all activating well. You are. We are quite proud of your progress. It has been called again to our attention to inform you that as this activation occurs you may all physically purge toxins from the broken 6 strands. As your bodies activate and repair that which no longer serves you, it is eliminated. Please be aware this too shall pass. Please give yourselves permission to purge. It is all part of the/our DNA Activation Process. Let it go. Go with the flow, and literally! This activity may last up to a week or so but for most it will be only a day or two at a time and may occur over the month long process several times. Know it is a natural occurrence and it too shall pass. Activate on. Thank you for responding to our call. Activate on dear ones. Activate on. Love God and my angels for which you are all they. Namaste xoxoxoxo ***888
Dear Loved One, You are working so well at integrating the Vogel energies. You are all beautiful. We shall draw you a picture of the beauty of your auras. Your DNA are healing and repairing in Divine Order. You should all be seeing things in a new way. This may be making you all a bit irritable as your human patience is being tried as you become your true self, the Divine you are. As you become more Divine, you realize how short humans are. Please remember you are here to teach. Your next integration shall be patience for the human race and for yourselves(!). You have a taste for us. You are now beginning to see that which violates who and what you truly are. It is a funny juxtaposition that becoming more divine lets you see things that are short in humans; testing patience yet you are more patient. Fun fun uhn!!!??? We think so. You will all so laugh at your new Divine insights and reality. Quantum insights, a wonderful curiosity. Carry on and trust in your growth. We need you to make this shift. Keep wearing them. You are almost there. It is more challenging to keep it on because it is trial by fire and you are in the midst of the fire these last 7 (seven) days as full integration occurs. But carry on. (Maria talk about your course in miracles classes : that it gets harder as you get deeper into it as this is the same for Vogel DNA Activation and Repair Process with integration). Know you are all doing fabulously well. Carry on. Wear on. The finish line is in sight and more will be revealed and renewed in all of you. Thank you for responding to our call. Namaste God and Gang of White xoxoxoox***888
Dear Loved Ones, We know this is a challenge for you, but it is almost finished. Struggle on knowing that you are being attuned to higher frequencies and higher energies. Quantum Physics is occurring in you and because of you. We need you to finish this project. You are so close. Carry one. Drink lots of water as it is necessary to flush out the broken toxins from so long ago. Drink lots of water. Lots. You may be noticing people starring at you. Know they see the light. They like what they see. It is different. They know not what they look at but they like it and they want it. They are very attracted to it. They are attracted because it is their Source too. As you claim and be Source, others want to claim theirs too. It is something familiar yet unknown. They recognize it on a soul level. It is home for you all. They sense comfort in it yet in human form, they have yet to name it. You help them remember their own Source. So smile back and know in your smile you give them hope and joy. For the beauty they see in you is also within them. They realize they see your beauty and they too have it within them. Smile on dear ones, smile on. You are the hope for the world and they all see it. Know you are the light of the world. Light on dear ones, light one. More to come but rest in knowing you are the lights. Sleep well for much has pulled at you. Eat well. Drink well. Rest well. Be gentle with yourselves. You are going through much, our gentle ones. You are the light. We love you all enormously. Love God. Namaste. Thank you for responding to our call. xoxoxoxo ***888***
Good Morning loved ones, Welcome home to your real selves. Be patient. Yes your internal fluids are being restructured so your stomachs may be upset, toxins being released, headaches, swollen. A sense of discomfort with an unknown feeling of why. You are being restructured and this is unfamiliar. This shall all settle down. It takes time to integrate all that is being done. We are doing what we can to be gentle about it so you stay with our process. If tears come up, let them out. More room out than in and the more you let out, the more you let out and the more you let out the more room for new. Speaking of new; make room in your physical environment for new. Spring time purging is recommended for you all. Let go of that which no longer serves you. You have no need for this old habit so release it. Releasing old habits and stuff only makes room for the new. We can write on this for days. But we won’t. Just know this; Let go and Let God. Two thirds of the word of GOD is GO. So GO 11-11…GO-GO-GO 11-11. Go and we go with you. You are very loved. We cherish you. Let go and let God. Namaste. Thank you for responding to our call God.
Dear Loved One, Much new energies are coming into the ones wearing the Vogels. High energies causing new ideas, new thoughts, new beliefs. All this newness is all over public media outlets. This newness is moving you toward the truth of that which you all are; The Divine White Light of God in human form. Please stay strong in your hearts. Please stay strong in your beliefs. Start a discussion group on a blog once this stage completes and after your first public talk. Use your new fan page for this process; A Vogel wearer blog page. Talk to Joshua about this. Thank you for responding to my call. Love God.
Dear Loved ones..Happy birthday to our James Joseph. Joseph was also the father of the World’s Savior. James’ strength, in his dedication to finding an alternative source of fuel, is his part of being the World’s Savior. We tell you this because you are all part of The World’s Savior. It is in your strengths, your passions, your drive to fulfill your Soul Purpose that affords you to be World Saviors. The Vogel wearers’ dedication to Soul Purpose is being enhanced, fired and stirred up. As you pursue living and being Soul Purpose, you all help shift the world to be in Divine Oneness. Divine Oneness is my original intention. My intention is for Convergence of Divine purpose on the Earth Plane. Power up for you are Soul Light. You are The Human Crystal. NAISHA’S coming to teach about “Becoming the Human Crystal” is critical timing for Indiana, The Land of Diana. Indiana is a vortex for energies of the White Brotherhood. The Midwest is important to shifting the energies to both coasts. Thank you all for responding to this call.

We come to the end of the 28 days. The work is just beginning. You will all know what you are to do with your Vogels. Most of you will continue to wear them. Some of you will pass them on, although not many, as they have become a best intelligent friend. You can all feel what they have done for you. Keep on keeping on(!).

A blog is being started so you Vogelers can share additional information. We will continue to share channeled information with Maria Celeste. This information will be shared on her blog. Her blog address is……

We hope you have enjoyed this 28 day cycle. As we said it is just the beginning. Never the end. We are very proud of you. We shall be sharing more in the future.

We thank you for responding to our call. Namaste. Know you are very loved and cherished. God, Seraphim Bey, St. Germaine and All Ascended Masters, especially the ones within you.

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